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From the public sector to construction, see how our solutions have helped companies in your industry.

Different industries. Same solutions.

We've helped over 5000 companies transform their business with solutions tailored to them.


Public Sector

From complex IT environments to outdated legacy systems. We know how to make progress in a sector where resources are limited and regulatory compliance is strict. See how we helped the University of Vienna standardize their processes, map their device landscape and complex organizational structure – all into one simple system.



Whether you're looking to speed up inefficient production processes, simplify complex supply chain management, or get more visibility and control over assets – we can help. See how we helped Fayat with a complex IT infrastructure while introducing new features to manage both technical and administrative tasks.


IT & Telecommunications

Overcome fragmented IT environments, inefficient service management and complex software license management. Giving you more efficient processes and more visibility into assets and resources. See how we helped Fastweb standardize its processes and get a better overview of assets, licenses, and costs.


Real Estate

Streamline facilities management processes, optimize space utilization and automate maintenance and repair workflows. You can also enhance tenant experiences through self-service portals, and manage lease agreements and contracts more efficiently. See how we helped Sprinkenhof standardize and automate its IT service processes.



Simplify project management, optimize resource allocation and collaborate more effectively. All while making sure you stay compliant and have more control over your asset management. Discover how we assisted Habau Group in automating assets, services, and processes.


Which industries do Matrix42 serve with its software solutions?

Our products and solutions work for businesses across a wide range of industries. From the public sector to manufacturing, IT & telecommunications, financial services to automotive. Each of our solutions are designed to solve the needs and challenges for companies in these industries – helping them become more efficient in every area of their business.

What software solutions do Matrix42 offer for different industries?

We offer IT Service Management, Enterprise Service Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management, and Endpoint Data Protection. Each solution can be tailored to suit companies in different industries – helping to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and increase business performance.

Can the Matrix42 software solutions be customized to meet industry-specific requirements?

Yes. We know that each industry has unique demands and workflows. That's why our software solutions can be customized to fit any industry-specific requirements. Whether it's configuring workflows, integrating with existing systems, or adapting to compliance standards – we'll work closely with you to make sure our solutions give you everything you need.

Are there any success stories or case studies showing the impact Matrix42 has across different industries?

Yes. You can see how we've helped transform businesses and organizations in the public sector, manufacturing, IT & telecommunications, financial services, automotive, healthcare and retail. If you can't find a case study on our website that's related to your industry – get in touch [link to contact us page] and we'll share any appropriate case studies with you.

How can I determine if Matrix42 software solutions are suitable for my industry?

We get it. Finding the right software solutions for your industry is important. That's why we offer consultations and free trials that are tailored to what you need. Our team of experts will guide you through all the features of our solutions – and show you what they're capable of. Speak to our sales team to schedule a consultation or book a free 30-day trial.

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