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Manage all your PCs, servers, OS deployments, software distribution packages, patching and inventory – from one single platform.

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Bring everything together

Get all the benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management and traditional Client Lifecycle Management in one simple solution.

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Simplified management

Manage all your workstations, whether mobile, stationary, or in the cloud. Choose an agent-based approach, or add a Mobile Device Management layer.

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Happier teams

Make things fast, simple and efficient for your team. And give them the freedom to choose the devices and software that works for them.

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Easily customizable

Based on the low-code SolutionBuilder, you can adapt the solution easily with our intuitive drag & drop editor, and set up automations with the Workflow Studio.

Integrate with popular operating systems






What our UEM can do

Get a clear view of all your IT assets across all of your different platforms. From hardware and software to virtual machines. It even integrates with IT Service and Software Asset Management and updates in real-time – automatically finding any new assets.

You can reduce licensing and ITAM costs, while ensuring any updates are installed at a time that works for you and your team. Simple and efficient. Just how it should be.


Do more with

Each of our UEM products are available with these optional extras to help you manage endpoints effectively.


Patch Management

Effortlessly keep your company's software secure and up to date. The Matrix42 Patch Management Add-On automatically scans for vulnerabilities and looks for available updates from various vendors.You can easily control and assign patches to specific device groups. Plus, detailed audit reports help prioritize and schedule updates.


Package Cloud

You know the problem – you need to roll out a new version of a key business application. Everyone is waiting for it. But nobody has the time to take care of the packaging, quality assurance and documentation. Application packaging can be a time-consuming task that requires experience and expertise, especially since it’s not something you do every day. The Matrix42 PackageCloud offers a wide range of business relevant applications as pre-packaged software – at a FIXED PRICE!


Premium Services

Get customized, priority 24/7 support and maintenance for your IT infrastructure. With a dedicated support person, higher SLAs and extensive maintenance services. You'll also get a product health check once a year, plus an opportunity to feedback on our product at our annual roundtable.

Buy UEM as part of a solution

Looking to solve more than just Unified Endpoint Management? It's also available in the following solution.

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Operational Agility

Take control of your operations and security across your entire business to keep everyday running as normal.

Matrix42 SUEM Case Study - Fastweb

Our UEM in action

"It gives us exactly the right balance between cost effectiveness, device management functionality and troubleshooting capabilities."

Marco Gatta

Manager of Process Monitoring Fastweb


How does UEM secure and manage different type of endpoints?

You can manage your endpoints seamlessly – from desktop to laptop, mobile to IoT. You'll be able to control device configuration, software deployment, patch management, security policies, and compliance enforcement. Making endpoint security simple and efficient.

Will it work well with existing IT setups?

Yes, it's built to fit neatly with a range of infrastructures and systems. Including Active Directory, LDAP directories, email systems, software distribution systems – and more. Meaning your teams can quickly find their preferred setups and apps, all in one place.

Does Matrix42 UEM support remote device management and troubleshooting?

Yes, meaning you can remotely monitor and troubleshoot devices wherever they are. They can perform software installations, updates, and everything in between – all without access to the actual device. It's a great way to reduce the need for on-site support.

How does it manage software and applications?

By bringing software, licence and app management together in one solution, UEM helps your team get more time back, and make the most of the time they have.

Does it come with reporting and analytics capabilities?

Yes. You'll find pre-built reports, giving you more insight into your inventory, software compliance, security vulnerabilities, and overall endpoint performance. Everything is displayed in a customizable dashboard – helping you quickly analyze data for better business decisions.

Can routine IT tasks be automated?

Yes. UEM allows you to automate your workflows. It can take care of repetitive tasks such as software deployment, patch management or enforcing security policies. Meaning you can focus your time elsewhere.

How customizable is UEM?

All Matrix42 products are built on our low-code SolutionBuilder, which allows you to adapt it via drag & drop. Once set up, you can create automations with the Workflow Studio.

How does UEM improve onboarding for new employees?

Once your new team member receives their devices, they just need to log in with their Azure Active Directory (AAD) account – and the device will be automatically configured. UEM cleverly recognizes the device and operating system, then creates the working environment you've specified – assigning applications automatically and applying any necessary security policies.

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