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Secure your endpoints at every possible point and stop valuable data from leaving your company.

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Detect anomalies. Protect your data.

Sensitive data leaves a company every single day. EDP protects it against unauthorized access. It analyzes suspicious behavior, and any anomalies are quickly detected in real time.


Full protection

Your data is automatically encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, and if any is detected, access and applications are promptly blocked. You can even set up your own triggers.

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Zero disruption

Protect your business without disrupting your workflow. Users won't know it's there, and there's no training required. Just work as usual – with next level of security.


Transparent security

See where your data is going and identify potential weaknesses in your protection settings. IntellAct assesses the data and puts things in place to protect you.

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What our EDP can do

See all dataflows in your network and create automatic triggers to protect it based on predefined rules.

IntellAct Automation analyzes the insight and audit data for you. You can also compare the data with normal values to automatically identify any anomalies or critical issues. Reducing work for administrators and lowering response times.

You can also use Workflow Studio to trigger further actions and processes depending on your network status.


Do more with add-ons

Our EDP products are available with these optional extras to help your business gain control of your software at speed.


Premium Services

Get customized, priority 24/7 support and maintenance for your IT infrastructure. With a dedicated support person, higher SLAs and extensive maintenance services. You'll also get a product health check once a year, plus an opportunity to feedback on our product at our annual roundtable.


Our EDP in action

"With the help of Matrix42, we found a more effective way to manage our software assets."

Eva Schadinger

Managed Services University of Vienna


Which platforms and devices does the EDP support?

It supports a wide range of platforms and operating systems, including Windows & macOS. It also works across a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops, and everything in between.

How does it handle data encryption?

Our EDP uses industry-standard encryption methods, like AES, to secure the data you work with. It also uses intelligent algorithms that prevent sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

What security measures does Matrix42 EDP offer against data breaches?

Our EDP proactively searches for threats, and takes action to stop them disrupting your business. From protecting against malware, controlling network access, to preventing data loss.

Will it integrate with existing IT systems?

Yes. Our EDP integrates with popular existing IT infrastructure and systems. Making setup quick, safe and secure – with minimal disruption.

How does the EDP manage remote devices?

Your teams will be able to remotely monitor and manage endpoint device from anywhere in the world. They can also take swift action to tackle any issues that arise – without needing access to the device itself.

How does it help businesses comply with data protection regulation?

With features such as data encryption, access controls and audit logs, you'll have all need to meet compliance. There's also data loss prevention embedded, so you can keep in line with GDPR and avoid costly penalties.

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