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Get full visibility of all your software and licenses – maximizing their value and reducing unnecessary costs.

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Manage and optimize your software

With simple installation, you can quickly reduce your software expenses, stay compliant and minimize risks.

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Get transparency

Know exactly what software you're paying for, and what software you're not – all in one centralized system.

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Save money

It automatically downgrades any unused licenses, helping you to lower your licensing costs.


Reduce risk

Make sure all licenses are accounted for and all usage is compliant with the software’s terms and conditions.

Over 5,000 companies trust us. Here's why:

Verified solution for Oracle Database, Database Options and Java SE
PinkVERIFYTM Certified 11 Processes
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What our SAM can do

Automate license recording and management and reduce the risk of audits. Identify unauthorized apps and even order additional licenses through the Service Catalog integration.

You can also retrieve detailed reports too, which help you make smarter purchasing decisions. It helps you calculate requirements based on actual usage, so you only pay for what you need, while making sure you're fully compliant.


Do more with

Our SAM products are available with optional extras to help you gain control of your software.


License Intelligence Service Premium

You get efficient and nerve-saving support with the Matrix42 License Intelligence Service (LIS) Premium, the comprehensive all-around carefree package for license managers. LIS not only offers you automatic software and license detection for all applications installed on your premises as well as acquired usage rights. You also receive weekly updates on suites, downgrades, categories according to eCl@ss and UNSPSC. The special feature of LIS is an integrated license library and personal and professional support. A team of specialists is available at short notice in cases of unclear license conditions and for questions regarding mapping in the SAM tool.


Oracle Compliance - Database Products

Get a comprehensive inventory of all your Oracle Database products, options and packs, enabling you to stay compliant, save costs and be audit-ready at all times. Verified by Oracle.


Oracle Compliance - Java Inventory

Provides a comprehensive inventory of all Java installations and the versions in use, enabling organizations to stay compliant and be audit-ready at all times. Verified by Oracle.


SAP Compliance

Identify licenses you don't need, remove duplicate user accounts and optimize your software licensing. With SAP Compliance, you can automatically assign the right license type to each user based on their usage. Making license audits transparent and verifiable.


IBM Compliance

See your entire IBM license usage and optimize your licensing costs to avoid ILMT pitfalls. With a full dashboard showing deployment, health, where PVU products are installed, and sub capacity licensing risks, you'll have maximum transparency to minimize audit risks.


Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Automatically captures and monitors your IT landscape to give you full visibility of all your services such as apps, network, cloud, storage, and devices. And if any changes are detected, you'll be notified right away.


Premium Services

Get customized, priority 24/7 support and maintenance for your IT infrastructure. With a dedicated support person, higher SLAs and extensive maintenance services. you'll also get a product health check once a year. Plus an opportunity to feedback on our product at our annual roundtable.

Buy SAM as part of a solution

Looking to solve more than just Software Asset Management? It's also available in the following solutions.

01_Intelligent Automation_Card Image

Intelligent Automation

Automate complex manual processes and make your business run more pain-free.

02_Operational Agility_Card Image

Operational Agility

Take control of your operations and security across your entire business to keep everyday running as normal.

04_Process Efficiency_Card Image

Process Efficiency

A flexible, scalable platform that helps you raise productivity across your entire business.


Our SAM in action

"Users can order software in the service catalog, and approved applications are automatically installed on the device."

Eva Schadinger

Managed Services University of Vienna


Can SAM help with license compliance?

Yes. It gives you all the tools you need to track installations and license usage, then generate reports – so you know exactly what you're using. It also helps you identify any license shortfalls, or over-use. Meaning you can take immediate action to avoid any costly penalties.

Can it integrate with other IT systems?

Yes. SAM works well with a variety of existing systems, such as ITAMs, ITSMs and CMDBs. Once integrated, you'll have a greater view of your software assets, be able to increase data accuracy and perfect your workflows.

Does SAM handle procurement and vendor activity?

Yes – and it helps you streamline those workflows too. You can manage licenses and contracts, quickly track orders – plus work out the ROI of your relationships with each vendor.

Can it help with software costs?

Yes. It helpfully highlights any licenses you aren't using – allowing you to reassign them or downgrade the amount you're paying for. It also assesses your usage patterns, helping your team to plan and use your software more efficiently.

Does it come with reporting capabilities?

Yes. You can generate reports for things like software installations, license compliance, software usage and cost allocation. With all this information at hand, you'll be more informed and be able to allocate your costs more efficiently.

Will it help with software discovery and inventory?

Yes. It gives you a view of your software landscape. It identifies installed software, collects relevant data, and automatically populates the software inventory. Meaning you stay up to date and compliant all year round.

How can I import my existing software licenses?

Any purchased licenses can be imported into the SAM via Excel or Google Sheets. You can also use the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) provided by your license reseller. Once imported, our License Intelligence Service (LIS) will convert these into the right licenses, adding all the necessary information – from metrics to downgrade rights.

How easy is it to adapt or extend the SAM?

Our SAM runs off our Enterprise Service Management platform. Meaning you can easily customize forms, fields and business processes to suit your setup. It also seamlessly integrates with other systems – helping you to easily adapt or streamline your processes.

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