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Success story: Fastweb

See how we're helping Fastweb grow their device management business.

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The challenge

Fastweb is one of the biggest communications operators in Italy – offering a wide range of
voice and data services to households and businesses.

In 2017, they won a significant new contract to offer device management and maintenance services to over 300 public sector organizations. The contract covered service management up to 110,000 desktop nodes, 43,000 local network nodes, 215,000 desktop telephones, 13,000 server nodes and 9,000 firewall nodes.

To offer a service on such a large scale, they needed the help of Matrix42.

The result

Working with their implementation partner INIX, we helped Fastweb to deploy the perfect solution. A cost-effective, comprehensive device management solution – complete with troubleshooting capabilities.

It was such a success in the first 12 months, they're currently considering whether to expand the solution to include mobile devices and offer it to customers in different sectors. We continue to work with Fastweb to help their device management business grow.


The products behind the success

Looking to solve a similar problem? Here are the Matrix42 products Fastweb used to help them achieve their goals.

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Manage all your PCs, servers, OS deployments, software distribution packages, patching and inventory – from one single platform.

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