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(Enterprise) Service Management

Don’t want your IT department or business unit to be seen as a cost center? The right (Enterprise) Service Management solution enables you to price, deliver and prove the value of the services you offer, from IT to HR, facilities management and beyond – automatically and transparently. 

Service Management in Organizations - From Cost Center to Profit Center


IT departments and business units never want to be seen as cost centers – but that’s how senior managers often view them, especially if internal customers are complaining about the level of service they receive. And if the service in question isn’t transparent or can’t be reproduced, department heads have no way to argue their case. In other words, they have no way to accurately price, justify the cost or prove the value of the services they deliver.

From cost center to service provider

(Enterprise) Service Management is a discipline that helps IT and non-IT departments position themselves as true service providers. How? By clearly defining the value provided by a particular service and the cost of delivering it. (Enterprise) Service Management solutions use proven ITIL and IT methodologies and apply them to any business process, from HR service management to company car fleet management. They enable each service to be planned, monitored, measured and controlled within a single integrated system that accounts for the inevitable complexity and constant evolution of the technology landscape. Through customization those solutions assure tailor made business processes. And ideally, they automate the steps within each process, improving the efficiency, quality, transparency and cost-effectiveness of every service, and therefore the entire organization.

Introducing Matrix42 Service Management

Matrix42 Service Management is recognized by ITAM Review as the best-in-class solution for automating any kind of IT or business process using workflows. It integrates easily with related IT management processes such as software distribution and enterprise mobility management. The Matrix42 SolutionBuilder and Matrix42 WorkflowStudio modules on which it is based, make it easy for anyone to create and customize services and processes, without any specialist programming skills.

Discover the power of Matrix42 Service Management.