Automate Software Asset Lifecycle Management

Streamline enterprise software and operating system delivery to increase productivity with less IT burden.


Automate Software Provisioning with a Self-Service Portal

Provide your employees with a self-service software shopping experience similar to that of a consumer app and deliver your enterprise applications in a transparent and easy-to-browse enterprise service catalog. Deployed software services will be automatically updated in your inventory and allocated to the cost centers.


Ensure Transparent Approval Workflows

Simplify service request approvals by defining flexible approval workflows to ensure control on costs and license requirements. Setup compliance rules dependent on services or SLA’s and define trigger-based notifications to keep stakeholders in the loop. Processing status and progress is visualized graphically and can be easily monitored by all authorized users from any device.


6 Steps to Implement a Perfect Software Asset Management (SAM)

Read this whitepaper to discover:  

  • Why you should move Software Asset Management higher on your priority list 
  • How to set the right goals for your SAM initiative 
  • How to create clarity about your asset information   
  • 6 steps to implement a perfect SAM 


Streamline Compliant Application Service Delivery

Increase productivity and streamline application delivery with integrated license compliance checks. Automate license management by integrating software provisioning with automatic license reconciliation. Software orders will automatically create a license requirement, update the inventory and synchronize with license balancing sheet. In addition, service costs are automatically allocated to the right user and cost center. Your CMDB and license balance sheets are updated in real time, so all teams have the latest IT asset status.


Optimize Software Lifecycle Management

Enable your software asset manager to improve the lifecycle of software assets from procurement to retirement. Always maintain control over costs and software compliance. Make more informed decisions based on total visibility into your IT asset information, past purchases, contracts, predictable spend for on-premises and SaaS applications, and automated license reconciliation before deployment.