Automate IT Asset Discovery and Inventory in a CMDB

Discover the IT assets you have and ensure real-time IT visibility in a single source of truth.


Automate Your IT Asset Discovery in Real Time

Use native persistent and agent-based discovery to scan for installed IT and software assets both on-premise and in the cloud and capture their dependencies to the environment on which it is installed (e.g., hardware, virtualization, or clusters). Track changes in real time, even for IT resources like hidden servers that are only briefly connected to your infrastructure and therefore not captured by traditional inventory scanning.


Make Better Decisions Based on More Accurate CMDB Data

Get real-time control over more accurate, normalized, and up-to-date IT inventory, IT asset data and their dependencies to ensure predictability and predictable processes in a constantly and unpredictably changing IT environment. Real-time insights into your CMDB data ensure you can make informed decisions and reduce compliance risks.


Real-time IT Asset Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Learn about the meaning of real-time, persistent discovery of your IT assets and their relationship to your critcal business services.

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Make a Multi-source CMDB Your Integrated, Single Source of Truth

Consolidate your scattered asset data into a centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Leverage native unified endpoint management integration or simply import and normalize your inventories and asset data through out-of-the-box connectors from multiple third-party sources. The multi-source CMDB automatically provides you with configuration data that is always up-to-date for all IT assets and their dependencies.


Unite Your Software Asset Management and IT Service Delivery

Improve cross-process efficiency and ensure faster, autonomous decision making. Service Configuration Management (SCOM) capabilities helps your IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations (ITOM) teams maintain and access up-to-date information about configuration items (CIs), e.g. physical, virtual, and software assets required to deliver IT and business services. Accurate mapping of all IT assets to critical business services accelerates root cause and impact analysis, improves control, and mitigates risk by automatically tracking planned and implemented changes.


No Risk, More Fun

Automatically identify software assets that have vulnerabilities, cause downtime, threaten compliance, or need attention due to contract changes or pending renewals. Mitigate compliance risks through automated license, asset, and contract management that is built around a centralized, multi-source CMDB, providing real-time insights into always up-to-date IT asset data.


Track and Better Understand Your IT Asset’s Business Value

Better understand your IT asset’s current value for your business and maximize ROI. Track costs associated with your IT asset at every stage in its lifecycle. Assign costs to budget centers and analyze depreciations to support business owners. And, more accurately project replacement costs and provide your IT asset managers with more intelligent insights into the total value and costs of their hardware and software assets.