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More than 5,000 satisfied customers achieve incredible results with Matrix42. These are their success stories.



Magna Logo klein IMG

"Magna's historic motto is 'Think global, act local'. Together with Matrix42, we were able to align our IT operations with this principle."

Joachim Koch, Director Service – Information Technology
Magna Exteriors & Interiors Management GmbH

The success story
Company Logo Magna International Europe GmbH
Case Study
Magna diventa un vero fornitore di servizi IT
Magna crea un'esperienza unica e unificata per IT e utenti introducendo la nuova interfaccia di gestione dei servizi di Matrix42.
Company Logo Forrester Research, Inc.
Case Study
Forrester: Economic Impact of Matrix42 Workspace Management
A financial case study on the use of Matrix42 Workspace Management based on the experience of a large automotive supplier
Company Logo Magna International Europe GmbH
Case Study
User-friendliness and cost efficiency through service management
Through service management, Magna has significantly improved its IT infrastructure. Not only more efficient, but above all more user-friendly.
Company Logo Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH
Case Study
Riallineamento dell'IT attuato entro 6 mesi
Uscire dalla modalità antincendio. Con l'implementazione di Matrix42, Renesas è tornata a processi tranquilli che funzionano in modo più rilassato e...
Company Logo ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Case Study
The Turbo for Microsoft SCCM
ZF Friedrichshafen increases productivity and saves budget.



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"The great advantage of the Matrix42 software is that it can do everything - and do it well."

Thierry Tellier, Deputy Head of IT

The success story
Company Logo RENA Technologies GmbH
Case Study
IT team relieved - Software Management in record time
Unified endpoint management is a choice with vision - modularity and handling convince.
Company Logo FAYAT Group
Case Study
From silo to group-wide workspace management solution
The results are significantly higher service quality and the relief of valuable IT resources.
Company Logo USM U. Schärer Söhne AG
Case Study
Unified Endpoint Management saves time, creates flexibility and ensures satisfied employees
Are you looking for a Unified Endpoint Management solution that grows with your business? The furniture manufacturer USM shows how it works.
Case Study
Smooth Windows 10 Migration
The solution scores with minimal effort for software distribution and coordinated patch management.
Company Logo KWM Karl Weisshaar Ing. GmbH
Case Study
KWM WEISSHAAR controlla la sicurezza da una console centrale
L'integrazione di Workspace Management e IT Security assicura una maggiore efficienza e una gestione sicura degli endpoint per oltre 500 dipendenti.



UniklinikBonn Logo klein IMG

"The HR department of the University Hospital Bonn was extremely satisfied with the processing of their IT tickets and the quick feedback from the respective IT specialists, so that they applied for their own ticket system."

Dirk-Oliver Granath, Head of IT-Services

Universitätsklinikum Bonn

The success story
Company Logo Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Case Study
ROI 175% through automation of IT and non-IT processes
Professional IT support for the specific requirements of hospital operations and HR service management.
Company Logo Gruppe Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für Diakonie
Case Study
License management for complex organized social enterprises
Software distribution as the basis for license management. With clean structures for central license procurement and automated license accounting.


IT / Telecommunication

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"Matrix42 offers just the right mix of powerful device management and cost-effectiveness. We are convinced that this solution will generate further growth in our device management division in the future."

Marco Gatta, Manager Process Monitoring


The success story
Company Logo mobilezone AG
Case Study
950 workstations and a much more flexible IT infrastructure - easy and quick to manage with UEM
With UEM, mobilezone quickly turns the IT infrastructure upside down. The success is higher flexibility and speed, transparency and manageable costs.
Company Logo FASTWEB S.p.A.
Case Study
Powerful device management meets efficiency
Providing device management and maintenance services to around 300 public sector organisations.



ZAE Logo klein IMG

"Siamo molto soddisfatti della soluzione EDR di Matrix42 e guardiamo al futuro sviluppo della soluzione di sicurezza endpoint".

Christian Hilgers, IT group leader

ZAE Bayern

La storia di successo
Company Logo Bayerisches Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung e. V. (ZAE Bayern)
Case Study
Protezione contro sofisticati attacchi informatici
Facile da mantenere e utilizzare, ideale per le organizzazioni non profit con un piccolo team IT.
Company Logo Partou
Case Study
Top priority data protection and security
A comprehensive solution for enterprise-class mobile device and workspace management


More Industries

SV (Schweiz) AG Logo klein IMG

"We have perfectly aligned the Matrix42 solution with our HR processes and now benefit from higher processing speed and improved transparency.“ 

Silke Wesling, HR Services Manager,

SV AG Schweiz

The success story
Company Logo KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA
Case Study
Enterprise Service Management per una trasformazione completa del business
Il rinnovamento degli strumenti di IT asset management (ITAM) e IT service management (ITSM) facilita il controllo e la gestione di tutti i processi.
CoServ Logo
Case Study
CoServ soddisfa tutti i requisiti IT con un unico sistema integrato
Dalla gestione delle patch e delle risorse alla gestione dei dispositivi mobili e al service desk, tutto ora gira su un unico sistema.
Logo Landkreis Regensburg
Caso di studio
External storage media are automatically encrypted, secure and compatible with the endpoint management solution.
The already existing solution for the management of end devices should be able to continue to be used and go hand in hand with the security solution.
Logo Landratsamt Würzburg
Case Study
I dispositivi sono automaticamente criptati, la sicurezza dei dati sui dispositivi finali è assicurata
L'operatività di qualsiasi amministrazione dipende essenzialmente dalla sicurezza e dalla disponibilità dei dati necessari e delle infrastrutture IT.
Company Logo SV (Schweiz) AG
Case Study
HR power: 40 HR non-IT processes now more standardized, transparent and focused
Process 2000 orders per month with 40 automated HR processes - faster and with better quality than before.
Company Logo KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA
Case Study
Rollout per 4.500 dipendenti e 25 fornitori internazionali
KWS SAAT SE ha implementato un sistema unificato per i suoi processi di supporto in meno di 6 mesi utilizzando Matrix42 Service Management.
Company Logo Universität Wien
Case Study
Workplace management: organisational, technical, compliant
Benefit from automation, standardized processes and a better overview of assets, licenses and costs.
Company Logo TEAG Thüringer Energie AG
Case Study
Insourcing invece di outsourcing - quasi da un giorno all'altro
La funzionalità, l'integrazione senza soluzione di continuità, l'interfaccia utente intuitiva e l'eccezionale rapporto qualità-prezzo sono convincenti.
0060-CS-UEM-Anwenderbericht Australische Großbank Cover Image
Case Study
Successful transformation of the working environment of a major bank
Silverback saves the IT department time and effort and makes it easier for users to use.