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Matrix42 Management Console now with Data Security

Matrix42 now offers a security-relevant product extension for the Matrix42 Workspace Management Console (UUX). With the new connector package, security events from EgoSecure Data Protection and Automated Endpoint Security (powered by enSilo) can be automatically integrated and displayed. Security Operations thus becomes a complementary component of service management.

Counteract cyber attacks with new management console

The number of end devices is constantly increasing in the business world. This development increases the risk of cyber attacks and requires a higher level of security, especially in Digital Workplace Management, but this requires a lot of effort. Matrix42 compensates for this with the new connector package. This enables companies to integrate and view all security events from EgoSecure Data Protection and Automated Endpoint Security (powered by enSilo) into the Matrix42 Workspace Management Console with immediate effect.

The integrated data security in Service Management offers IT departments many advantages, as security-relevant processes are automated. This includes, for example, the rollout of hard disk encryption via the Service Catalog. The rollout of USB sticks including access control and encryption, approval of requests and automatic creation of incidents as soon as malicious code is running. A separate incident with reference to the master data is created for each IT security event. The Incident contains a description with all relevant information and references to users and assets, for example. Thus, each event can be traced completely.

Automatic resolution of incidents

The automatic resolution of incidents is given. This is possible, for example, with a virus. The security system detects it, blocks and eliminates it automatically. Alternatively, it is also possible to just block the virus and to completely reset the system automatically during the night hours. All security processes take place in the background, so that the user remains undisturbed and productive at all times. Overall, devices and software are provided with all data protection functions as standard. This includes device and application control as well as data and device encryption. In addition, the enhanced integration of Matrix42 EgoSecure Data Protection and Service Management enables automated, end-to-end ticket processing.

 "With Matrix42 Endpoint Security and Data Protection solutions, data security becomes an integral part of Matrix42 Service and Device Management. Because only a managed workstation is a secure workplace. With the new connector package, IT departments can minimize the risk for their company, save a lot of time and money through automated processes and at the same time comply with DSGVO regulations," says Daniel Döring, Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances at Matrix42.

For its security solutions, Matrix42 was awarded in two categories in the ISG Provider Lens Report "Cyber Security 2019".