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Matrix42 enters strategic partnership with FireScope

IT environments in modern companies are highly complex. The dependencies between different IT systems, apps, services and processes are extensive and difficult to understand. They are also constantly changing. This is where FireScope, a market leader for cloud-based enterprise monitoring, steps in with its SDDM product and offers a graphically prepared overview that is automatically kept up-to-date. With this partnership, Matrix42 closes a gap that efficiently supports and relieves customers in service, change and security management.

Dependency Mapping with FireScope

An important aspect of a well-managed IT environment is to display IT dependencies quickly, clearly and, above all, up-to-date. This is because the failure or change of a component in the IT chain can result in a series of failures or changes in downstream systems. For the planning of changes, in the event of security incidents and for daily service operations, it is therefore essential to have an overview of the interdependencies between the systems - and based on this, a rapid impact analysis. FireScope covers exactly this need with its product "Secure Data and Dependency Mapping". The solution continuously reads the network communication in the company and builds up the mapping automatically and always up-to-date.

Integration of FireScope into the Matrix42 Endpoint Security Suite

"FireScopes SDDM perfectly complements our Unified Endpoint and Service Management portfolio", says Alexander Link, Managing Director of Matrix42 Marketplace GmbH. "With this solution, our customers gain additional transparency and insight into their applications, services and processes and can implement highly efficient risk management. Just one example: For example, if a server is infected with a virus and therefore fails in the meantime, SDDM gives me an immediate overview of which printers are also failing because they are attached to this server. Service desk employees can then react quickly and provide information to the affected users. Matrix42 offers FireScope SDDM in its Marketplace and will soon integrate the product into its Endpoint Security Suite. FireScope SDDM is available both as a cloud product and for on-premise use.

Increase security with FireScope

In addition to the service management aspect, FireScope SDDM also contributes to increased security. For example, if an unknown device connects to an IT environment, this represents a potential security vulnerability. If network traffic over a device changes, this could be an indication of a denial of service attack. FireScope SDDM shows on its map all devices and their dependencies in an environment. If changes occur, such as an unauthorized third-party device, the solution's auto-detection feature detects the change. IT managers can review the situation and take further action if necessary. It also supports the introduction, implementation, and use of a change management process. Customers benefit from increased ITIL compliance in the areas of change management, configuration management, service level management and availability management.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Matrix42," said Steve Cotton, CEO of FireScope. "Service dependency mapping is a key aspect for IT to optimize the service delivery model, improve the user experience and act as a strategic partner in the enterprise. Matrix42 has a growing and highly engaged customer community. We look forward to expanding Matrix42's IT Service Management capabilities to create value for Matrix42 customers".