Vendor Selection Matrix™ Secure Unified Endpoint Management: THE TOP VENDORS 2021 IN DACH, BENELUX AND NORDICS
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Vendor Selection Matrix™ Secure Unified Endpoint Management

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Matrice di selezione dei fornitori™ Gestione dei servizi aziendali (ESM): Top 10 vendor globali 2021
Resources Matrix42 Leader di mercato nella gestione dei servizi aziendali

Vendor Selection Matrix™ Enterprise Service Management (ESM) 2021

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L’automatizzazione della Endpoint Security
Security & IT Operations

Una forte squadra di doppio gioca insieme con successo

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Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management
Resources Forrester: Risparmi e vantaggi per le aziende quando si passa a Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management

L'impatto economico in termini di cost saving e benefici passando alla soluzione di Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management

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Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management ITIL 4 certified
COMPANY Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management certificato ITIL 4

Consegnare il 100% del valore aziendale con 11 pratiche

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UEM KuppingerCole-Report Leadership Compass Unified Endpoint Management
Resources Matrix42 awarded as Overall Leader

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2020 Unified Endpoint Management

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FireScope Announcement
Company Matrix42 e FireScope

Trasparenti, sicuri e automatizzati

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Automated Service Processes
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Covid 19: Lavorare a distanza da casa
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00 Home Office Starter Set IMG
Il set di avvio rapido Matrix42 Home Office Quick Starter Set

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Maintain 100% control over your applications and devices at all times

  • Automation of ordering and approval processes - through integration with the Matrix42 Service Catalog, your users can easily order hardware, software and (cloud) services via self-service. Release and approval processes can be carried out on the move, directly via web browser or fully automated.

  • Zero Touch IT deployment processes - the process of software deployment, distribution and installation is also triggered automatically. Licenses and costs are booked directly to the correct cost center. IT remains relaxed as Zero Touch IT becomes the standard for onboarding new employees. IT and users benefit from faster software installation and a reduced error rate. The number of satisfied users is increasing rapidly.

  • Easy to use powerful tools - automate and simplify recurring tasks of installing, uninstalling and reinstalling packages and releases.

  • Users are satisfied and remain productive – in the run-up to installations and updates, you can inform affected users about the upcoming measures. Depending on the criticality, the non-interference function of the clients is taken into account so that important events are not disturbed. In addition, you can assign users additional rights for conditional postponement of installations or avoid unnecessary disruptions by adjusting the installation sequence.

Save valuable time with the Package Cloud

  • Over 3,500 pre-packaged and quality-tested software packages – through the Matrix42 Package Clound cloud service, you always have access to pre-packaged business applications that are suitable for distribution via the Unified Endpoint Management Client Lifecycle Management.

  • Save valuable time during packaging – during mass rollouts, operating system migrations and feature updates you save additional time and stay in control.

  • Flexible customization – packages can be customized to your needs and are regularly updated by Matrix42 packaging experts.

Simple and replicable software packaging without expert knowledge

  • Package once, replicate as many times as you like – with the Matrix42 Package Robot extension, you install new software exactly once. The installation recorder records the packaging process in detail from start to finish, including all mouse and keyboard entries or browser authentications.

  • Flexibly customizable and precise – recorded packages are automatically packed as .EXE files and can be manually adjusted if required. The recorded installation process is performed precisely. Especially for software that is difficult to package, you benefit from the visual WYSIWYG feature of the Matrix42 Package Robot.
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