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Digital Workspace Platform

Run a tight ship! Tailor the solution to your processes and make your IT Operations secure right from the start, without ever compromising the ability to update.​


Get IT balanced

The Digital Workspace Platform increases the productivity of your employees and the security of your end devices, applications and data. The Digital Workspace Platform combines powerful functions for configuration, automation and integration with built-in security to secure your devices, applications and data. The Digital Workspace Platform is the basis of all Matrix42 products and thus an essential component of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management and Secure Unified Endpoint Management.


Security Incident Management

Data is the new Oil. Your Intellectual Property (IP) and Operational Performance (OP) are the two things that keeps your competitors awake at night and you ahead of them.​ That’s why we build the productivity and security tools you need to achieve that right into the platform you’re working with – the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP).

  • Matrix42 Device & Access Control​ – Ensure that only trusted and managed peripheral devices get access to any of your data – it’s as simple as flipping a switch​

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)​ – Identity Management can be a tedious yet, very important task. But your productivity needs to stay as high as it can get. Entering your Username and Password multiple times a day won’t make a big difference in your security – a system that takes care of that for your users certainly will for their productivity​

  • Security Incident Management​ – We have all the measures in place to run a tight ship, but if something occurs – what if an incident threatens your productivity or data?​ That’s when strong Incident Management helps you coordinate, automate and remediate – and that’s why it’s part of your Digital Workspace Platform (DWP)​


Tailor, Adjust and Extend

Every Enterprise is different. That’s why our low-code ​SolutionBuilder makes it easy for you to tailor the solution to your needs​.

  • Adjust the Data Model​ – Extend and adjust the Data Model to your needs without writing any code or accessing the database​.
  • Create bi-directional Connectors​ – Integrate your Systems natively through the Drag & Drop Workflow Studio and keep your Solutions in sync​.
  • Stay up-to-date without compromise​ – Every extension or adjustment won’t impact your ability to update the system and will benefit from new features​.


Augment your processes with an intuitive low-code Platform

All the Matrix42 Products are built with the Matrix42 low-code Platform consisting of SolutionBuilder for everything you can see and touch and the Workflow Studio for all processes and automation – the best thing, it’s all at your fingertips.​

  • Quickly open the Layout Designer in the low-code SolutionBuilder from a Dialog, the Navigation, a Dashboard or any other User Interface (UI) Element​
  • Create, adjust and extend all the screens via Drag & Drop without worrying about responsiveness – the Matrix42 low-code SolutionBuilder will take care about that for you​
  • Automate and design your processes the same way with the Workflow Studio and make your Service Management a true powerhouse​


A holistic, integrated user interface

Based on the low-code SolutionBuilder and the drag & drop Workflow Studio, this responsive web console aggregates all products within the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management Suite into a single, holistic User Interface that works in any browser, on any device.

  • Robust Security​ – Best-in-class Security is built right in​.
  • Fast as Lightning​ – Time is of the essence? The UUX won’t let you down​.
  • Fully adjustable and extenable​ – to perfectly align with your processes.


Three good reasons to choose the
Matrix42 Digital Workspace Platform

The Matrix42 Digital Workspace Platform can be obtained from the cloud, operated on-premise in your own infrastructure or in a hybrid model.

Quick implementation of new requirements

Adapt your business processes flexibly to new requirements of your customers and markets.

Built-in Security and Compliance

360° all around protection for all end devices and data. Sensitive data remains secure and compliance is maintained.

Easy integration and extension

More efficient processes through uncomplicated integration of existing processes, services and third-party solutions.

Automation & Integration

Visualize and automate your processes. With the low-code SolutionBuilder and the Workflow Studio you can easily and securely adapt your solutions to new requirements. Simply by Drag & Drop, you don't need programming knowledge.

Adapt your solution to your requirements, not vice versa

  • SolutionBuilder is an integrated module that allows you to create and configure Web applications in a flash and adapt your existing solution to new requirements.

  • Implement layout adjustments to individual customer requirements quickly and easily using drag & drop. It makes no difference whether you want to offer a new form in the Self-Service Portal, create a smart wizard in the Management Console, or design a comprehensive solution for your service management.

  • Ensure more efficient end-to-end processes and higher data quality by easily connecting external data sources and systems (e.g. Active Directory, VMware or similar).

  • The SolutionBuilder has a generic and configurable REST API, which makes all the data you need for your customizations quickly and clearly accessible.

  • A flexible, multi-level security model allows you to configure different scenarios of application behavior and appearance for different groups of people. The built-in roles and authorization concept ensures secure access control to applications and data.

Save time, effort and costs through smart automation of your business processes

  • The Workflow Studio is a graphical tool to model and customize your workflows easily and quickly. Everything via drag & drop, you don't need programming skills.

  • Workflows and templates can be created simply by drag & drop. Let your processes react to any status changes. Start scripts, send automated e-mails or automatically create a purchase requisition in SAP.

  • There are no limits to your creativity. The tested workflows are available centrally and can be used by your teams in any services, actions and triggers.

  • Automate even complex workflows, integrate conditions and quality checks or optimize the process of evaluating and releasing change requests.

  • Together, the SolutionBuilder and Workflow Studio can do much more. Create bi-directional connectors to third-party systems or simply adapt the out-of-the-box connectors to your requirements.

  • You can connect any systems and databases to your solution via REST API, SOAP, flat files or SQL. Both read and write access.

  • With the simple prototyping and testing of your newly created workflows, you ensure that your ongoing business operations continue uninterrupted and that only approved workflows go into production. Versioning provides additional security and fallback options.

The integration of the workflow creation tool into the Workspace Management Console ensures quick access and adaptability of your workflows across employees and teams.

Preconfigured and user-defined templates as well as flexibly placeable functional elements support you in individually mapping the working style of individual employees.

Benefit from an extensive repository of activities, templates and complete workflows right from the start.

Extensions from Matrix42 and our partners can also be found on our Matrix42 Marketplace.

You manage the versions of new and historical workflows individually and release them separately via release processes. This ensures that your productive instance is not affected by ongoing process optimization projects.

Special wizards and a flexible categorization support you in the efficient administration of particularly extensive workflow repositories.

The visually supported workflow monitoring and analysis allows you to detect disturbances in the process in real time.

You can expand your workflows at any time by importing your own or third-party activities and components. A staging environment supports you during import and customization.

You can easily integrate newly created or imported workflows into your existing Workspace Management processes.

There is no limit to your creativity in automating existing and new processes, even beyond system boundaries.

Workflows can be edited in a team and their future use can be restricted to certain user groups.

Automatic validation of edited workflows ensures that misconfigurations and inconsistencies are avoided.

Proven Microsoft technologies make the workflow engine an indispensable component of a scalable and reliable high-performance platform for your critical IT and business processes.

Out-of-the-Box Integration

All Matrix42 solutions are natively integrated with the holistic Matrix42 Workspace Management suite. They work across processes and teams on a central platform, in a continuous process and with a central user interface. Third-party solutions can be easily integrated via existing interfaces.

  • ServiceNow
  • LanDesk Inventory (Ivanti)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • BPMN Workflow Integration
  • Heat DSM 7 (Ivanti)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Citrix
  • 8MAN
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • VMWare Airwatch
  • Breeze BI
  • Google Cloud
  • VMWare ESX
  • AppSphere ScriptRunner
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Serve&Charge
  • Lakeside Software
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • and many more

Built-in Security

Flexibility and security are not options; both must be guaranteed so that your employees can work productively and safely. That's why the Digital Workspace Platform integrates important functions to secure your end devices, applications and data.

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) for fast and secure access across all platforms

  • Your users authorize themselves with one user name and password for all applications on their end devices, in the data center and in the cloud - securely and flexibly.

  • Supports the latest protocols and standards for exchanging authentication and authorization identities such as SAML2, OAuth or SCIM

  • As the Identity Provider you can use Azure Active Directory (AAD), Active Directory (AD), Google, LinkedIn and many more.

    Customer Login

Control by whom and where your data is used

With a mouse click you get a graphically prepared overview of all data flows in the network.

  • Insight Analysis – determines the overall situation of your company network with regard to data security so that you can derive the optimum protective measures. The analysis results are available to you as a clearly structured dashboard. Conclusions about the activities of individual users are not possible. The reports can be generated automatically and sent by e-mail.

Full control over all devices, interfaces and cloud data

Monitor and control the use of devices (e.g. USB sticks, CDs, printers) or interfaces (e.g. Firewire, USB) on endpoints to ensure the security of your data. Audit-proof according to Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI compliant.

  • Effective device access control – protects you against attacks and abuse of access rights. Define who can use which devices (e.g. USB sticks, CDs, TV tuners) or interfaces (e.g. WLAN, Firewire, USB) and to what extent. You not only prevent misuse and data loss, but also prevent malware from entering the corporate network via the interfaces (e.g. BadUSB).

  • Access control for cloud services and storage  – in the cloud, data is accessible everywhere. With Cloud Access Control, you control which employees may use which cloud services and to what extent.

  • Keep data transfer channels under control – Data transfer is possible in many ways, the official way through the company network is only one - Bluetooth, WiFi, Smart Phones and USB-Devices are the most common alternatives. Device & Access Control lets you control which employees have access to which data transfer devices, i.e. which routes data leaves your company.

Transparently trace data flows and detect weak points early on

Audit provides real-time visibility into data flows within your organization, identifies vulnerabilities and documents forensic information to ensure compliance.

  • You meet the requirements for logging of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR articles 30, 33) and at the same time protect the personal rights of your employees. The logging data is protected by 4- or 6-eye principle (in compliance with the personnel).

Unified User Experience (UUX)

All your teams and users experience a consistent and user-friendly user experience on any device. The web-based interface is based on the latest technology and runs on all devices and browsers. Nevertheless, you do not have to give up  on individual user comfort. In addition to numerous options for individualization and role-based personalization of the user interface, you can adapt your solutions to new requirements with the low-code SolutionBuilder - simply by drag & drop. You can model your processes just as easily with the Workflow Studio.


Important functions for ensuring high productivity are among the central building blocks of the Matrix42 Platform. These include Incident Management, a central Inventory and Software Management.

Save time and relieve your service team 

The Matrix42 Service Desk relieves the burden on your IT service team by easily recording, classifying and enriching new Incidents and Service Requests that are required for further processing.

You save valuable time in finding a solution to restore service quality as quickly as possible.

  • Your users create incidents and service requests easily via e-mail, mobile app, phone or the self-service portal.

  • The user is automatically informed about the receipt of the request via autoresponder. Your users can track the further processing progress in the system or receive further notifications in case of status changes.

  • Your support team classifies and prioritizes the request. Affected configuration items (CI) are automatically assigned to the incident or can be added manually.

  • Workflows defined in Matrix42 Workflow Studio automate this step if required or trigger further processes. When it comes to automating workflows and integrating third-party solutions, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.
  • Marvin is the virtual support agent who never sleeps. He relieves your service team and keeps your back free - you will love him.

  • 24/7 the Virtual Support Agent answers simple and complex service requests from users and customers via your communication channels. It searches the knowledge database, the Matrix42 Service Catalog and all tickets in the Matrix42 Service Desk at the speed of light to offer the best known solution.

  • Marvin not only excels in speed, it is also the perfect channel to announce relevant information to your users. Before users start flooding your Service Desk with incident reports, you can use a push notification to let everyone know that IT is already working to resolve the issue.

Virtual Support Agent Marvin

  • Easy and recurring service requests, such as resetting passwords or setting up a printer, are simply handled by your users themselves. Via the Self-Service Portal, with the Matrix42 Mobile App even on the road - 24/7, whenever necessary.

  • With the Self-Service Portal and the integrated knowledge database, you do not only relieve your IT. Your users also save valuable time and are productive again more quickly.
  • The system can automatically prioritize critical incidents higher for you. Predefined workflows automate further processing and can immediately forward the case to the right team.

  • Skill Management supports you in assigning the right colleague and checking their availability.
  • The answering of recurring requests, e.g. for information, takes up a lot of time. Do not save on quality, but on time. Use predefined text modules with notes on the documented answer in the knowledge database.

  • Workflows automatically trigger further communication steps depending on the occurrence of predefined conditions.

  • The automatic time recording for tickets consolidates at any time the efforts and costs incurred to process a transaction.
  • The integration with Matrix42 Software Asset Management and Inventory Management gives your service team full visibility into the status of all service components assigned to a user, their dependencies, associated contracts, licenses and configurations.
  • Save time and process cases that have the same cause in one consolidated case.

  • Once the solution is known, inform all users simultaneously and efficiently about the solution to the problem instead of closing each case individually. Nobody will be forgotten, your service team will save a lot of time.
  • Inform your users about occurred or foreseeable service failures e.g. current security warnings, maintenance windows or partial failures of individual services. Your users are informed and can prepare for them.
  • If the estimated time for 1st level resolution exceeds the agreed SLAs, simply hand over the process to 2nd or 3rd level support. In this way you ensure that escalations and measures can be initiated in time.

  • The escalation management automatically sounds the alarm and also provides multilevel information about imminent violations of the SLAs. The service quality is maintained and your employees and customers are satisfied.
  • Via the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) integration of your telephone system, known callers are automatically identified and all caller details including all devices, applications and services assigned to them are already provided to your service staff during the call.

  • Your service technician has immediate access to the previous processing history of all caller activities. Outgoing calls can be initiated by your service agents directly from the service desk.

Single Pane of Glass - a central repository for all processes

  • Autodiscovery for full transparency – Matrix42 Inventory automatically provides an up-to-date overview of all hardware and software in use. Even virtual machines and hybrid devices, such as those running under Windows 10, are identified, assigned and their relationships documented.

  • Optimization of Data Quality – by integrating Matrix42 Inventory into Service and Software Asset Management, you can make relevant data available in a central database across all processes. It forms the basis for optimizing your Service Management processes, optimizing license costs and IT Asset Management costs.

  • Intuitive and ease to use – See live what is running on a client and define installation windows when it suits you best. Comprehensive authorization management allows you to delegate tasks to less specialized employees and even the user.

  • Flexible control – via the API, you can easily control actions in your inventory via PowerShell, Matrix42 Workflow Studio or custom programming.

Maintain 100% control over your applications and devices at all times

  • Automation of ordering and approval processes - through integration with the Matrix42 Service Catalog, your users can easily order hardware, software and (cloud) services via self-service. Release and approval processes can be carried out on the move, directly via web browser or fully automated.

  • Zero Touch IT deployment processes - the process of software deployment, distribution and installation is also triggered automatically. Licenses and costs are booked directly to the correct cost center. IT remains relaxed as Zero Touch IT becomes the standard for onboarding new employees. IT and users benefit from faster software installation and a reduced error rate. The number of satisfied users is increasing rapidly.

  • Easy to use powerful tools - automate and simplify recurring tasks of installing, uninstalling and reinstalling packages and releases.

  • Users are satisfied and remain productive – in the run-up to installations and updates, you can inform affected users about the upcoming measures. Depending on the criticality, the non-interference function of the clients is taken into account so that important events are not disturbed. In addition, you can assign users additional rights for conditional postponement of installations or avoid unnecessary disruptions by adjusting the installation sequence.

Save valuable time with the Package Cloud

  • Over 3,500 pre-packaged and quality-tested software packages – through the Matrix42 Package Clound cloud service, you always have access to pre-packaged business applications that are suitable for distribution via the Unified Endpoint Management Client Lifecycle Management.

  • Save valuable time during packaging – during mass rollouts, operating system migrations and feature updates you save additional time and stay in control.

  • Flexible customization – packages can be customized to your needs and are regularly updated by Matrix42 packaging experts.

Simple and replicable software packaging without expert knowledge

  • Package once, replicate as many times as you like – with the Matrix42 Package Robot extension, you install new software exactly once. The installation recorder records the packaging process in detail from start to finish, including all mouse and keyboard entries or browser authentications.

  • Flexibly customizable and precise – recorded packages are automatically packed as .EXE files and can be manually adjusted if required. The recorded installation process is performed precisely. Especially for software that is difficult to package, you benefit from the visual WYSIWYG feature of the Matrix42 Package Robot.
Learn more about Package Robot
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Increase your productivity

The Matrix42 Marketplace is the central platform for innovative expansion of your Matrix42 solution. Here you will find connectors and apps to increase productivity and smart process automation. Matrix42 and the extensive ecosystem of Matrix42 partners provide the expansion.

Matrix42 Marketplace

Virtual Support Agent
Virtual Support Agent
Our Virtual Support Agent, Marvin, supports your service team because he is productive 24/7. The Add-On is integrated with our Service Desk, Service Catalog and Knowledge Base.
SAP Solution Manager Connector
SAP Solution Manager Connector
Synchronize your ticket data between Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management ("Service Store") and SAP Solution Manager
PackageCloud Subscription
PackageCloud Subscription
More than 4300 quality-tested and fully packaged software packages of business critical applications, ready for software distribution via Matrix42 Client Lifecycle Management.
Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping
Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping
The fastest way to visualize application and service dependencies. SDDM Level 1 allows you to automatically identify and securely populate your CMDB with all IT assets (Configuration Items (CIs)) in real-time.

Together we shape the
future of digital work

Stay ahead of the competition. We make new technologies and innovations available to you as early as possible and offer zero-day support. We are in close contact with leading technology companies to make the future of digital work simple and secure.