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Accelerate Your Microsoft SCCM – Simplification and Delegation of SCCM tasks

23. 02. 2017
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm (UTC+1)
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This webinar is for organizations using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) that are looking to increase the value of IT investment.

How to considerably increase the value of your SCCM investment!

SCCM is one of the most powerful but also most complex Systems Management solutions available. Organizations spend millions of Dollars each year to manage SCCM, often with a large team of highly qualified specialists. SCCM administration is time-consuming and requires an in-depth understanding of the platform, as well as SQL and scripting know-how. Unfortunately, SCCM is not user-friendly for non-technical staff, so the IT department finds itself burdened with a heavy workload.

A major slice of the annual SCCM spend is on resources for recurring tasks, such as reinstalling devices and assigning software, as well as the coordination and documentation of rollouts. This uses up scarce specialist resources that could otherwise be allocated to more valuable tasks.

The delegation of SCCM tasks to less qualified IT staff members or end users has significant cost and time saving potential, releasing specialists to deliver tasks of greater value to the business. However, considering the inherent complexity of the platform, is this inconceivable with Microsoft SCCM?

Far from it – there is a solution! Matrix42 Enterprise Manager integrates seamlessly with your existing SCCM environment, to reduce complexity, simplify planning, allow delegation of tasks and relieve the burden on your team of specialists. No modification of your current SCCM environment is required – all SCCM options, packages and apps are natively supported by Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

✓ Simplify and accelerate complex SCCM tasks

✓ Securely delegate SCCM roles and tasks while retaining control

✓ Relieve specialists for reallocation to higher value tasks

✓ Increase end user and IT staff satisfaction

✓ Reduce IT provisioning costs with SCCM by 70%

✓ Save 60% of your efforts to train new employees in handling SCCM

✓ Save 50% of overall SCCM training costs

✓ Reduce SCCM related service desk tickets by 50% and achieve 20% faster resolution

✓ Save 50% of existing costs to maintain your custom SCCM workarounds (such as scripts, reports, UI modifications, etc.)

✓ Reduce costs for SCCM Upgrades by 50% 

About the Speaker:

Claus Hofeditz, Senior Presales Consultant, Matrix42 AG Claus Hofeditz,
 Senior Presales Consultant,
 Matrix42 AG

 At Matrix42 Claus has a strong focus on Client Lifecycle Management solutions, in  particular Microsoft SCCM. With a track record of more than 20 years, Claus is an  experienced IT and consulting professional who will share his valuable insights from hundreds of successful implementation projects. You will hear about current SCCM challenges and how Enterprise Manager helps to address these and increase the return on investment of your SCCM spend.

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Accelerate Your Microsoft SCCM – Simplification and Delegation of SCCM tasks