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Simplify Software Asset Management

A unified solution to reduce your software spend and mitigate compliance risks.

Optimize Your Software Asset Management

Matrix42 Software Asset Management (SAM) puts you in the driver’s seat to easily monitor and manage your entire IT asset portfolio and contracts. Stay on top of how IT and business services delivery depend on your IT assets and avoid over- or under-licensing of your software assets to reduce license compliance risks and costs.

Gain Complete IT Visibility

Discover and inventory all IT assets across on-premises, mobile, datacenter, and cloud in a single source of truth.

Optimize Software Costs

Maximize ROI and reduce TCO of your software assets by optimizing software license usage and associated spend.

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Ensure seamless license compliance, optimize risk mitigation, and successfully tackle the next software audit.


6 Steps to Implement a Perfect Software Asset Management (SAM)

Read this whitepaper to discover:  

  • Why you should move Software Asset Management higher on your priority list 
  • How to set the right goals for your SAM initiative 
  • How to create clarity about your asset information   
  • 6 steps to implement a perfect SAM 


Optimize Your Software Asset Management

What our customers say about Matrix42 Software Asset Management
"Great tool with nearly unlimited possibilities"