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Unified Endpoint Management: actively shaping change in IT

Unified Endpoint Management: actively shaping change in IT

Smart IT is more than client management (CLM) and mobile device management (MDM).

With the introduction of hybrid devices - such as Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 10 - IT is facing another revolutionary development that once again requires action from companies. The solution approach is simply to unify the management of PCs, laptops, smartphones, servers, tablets and convertibles in a central device management system. The keyword here is Unified Endpoint Management.

Would you like to know what advantages UEM solutions offer for your company's daily work? Then read the white paper "More than CLM and MDM" now! After reviewing the document, you will know how unified endpoint management combines the best of both CLM and MDM. Whether it's sales, IT or back office, Unified Endpoint Management delivers benefits for every employee and every department. Take advantage of the UEM evolution now and make your IT smarter and more efficient.

The White Paper "More than CLM and MDM" - all contents at a glance:
  • Read how you can make your corporate IT more sustainable with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
  • Learn about the benefits of UEM for business, IT and end users
  • Benefit from the current IT evolution with UEM - away from the stationary desktop PC and towards mobile and powerful hybrid hardware
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