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Cover Image Wege aus der Windows 7 Misere - Selbstbestimmt statt unter Druck

How To Escape Windows 7 Misery at your own pace instead of under pressure

Secure without time pressure - Protect end devices with older operating systems until the successful migration to Windows 10.

Agile Roll-Out of Windows 10

Imagine your users choosing the time of the migration independently. You only specify which steps are to be performed. The employee then selects the migration in the Matrix42 service catalog & Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) then transfers the software package to the device. The employee now selects the appropriate time for the installation.

Windows 7, but secure!

You need to continue to operate some Windows 7 end devices & a conversion is not possible before January 2020. Then you face two challenges:

  • No more Windows 7 patches from Microsoft
  • Security Software (e.g. virus scanners) from third-party manufacturers no longer support Windows 7 installations soon

Matrix42 Endpoint Security protects older operating systems without manufacturer support.  It is kernel driver technology which protects all versions of Windows all the way back to Windows 95. Your advantage is obvious - you take your time with the migration and yet are protected.

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