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Cover Image Aktion statt Reaktion: Mit Automation und Flexibilität zum Service Desk der Zukunft

Action instead of reaction: With automation and flexibility to the service desk of the future

More demanding end users and an incredible number of devices are a challenge for IT professionals without automated processes

The daily work of a service desk employee is like fighting windmills. The mixture of increasingly demanding end users and an almost unbelievable number of different stationary and mobile devices is a great challenge for IT professionals. Handling all this without automated processes is often only possible under great strain.

In addition, overstrained service desk employees quickly cause frustration among colleagues. The consequence: A "shadow IT" is created in the company! With privately installed and insecure programs that cannot be maintained from the service desk. This is not only frustrating, but also poses massive risks, for example, when it comes to data protection.

Of course, professionally positioned companies try to counteract these developments in a targeted manner. This is usually done by implementing an IT Service Management solution (ITSM). But be honest: What good are expensive ITSM tools if their components do not interact perfectly? Only flexible and perfectly interlocked systems that can automate certain processes promise a real reduction in workload.

The IT Service Management of Matrix42 follows exactly this approach. The solution offers consistent automation of the ITSM workflow. This contributes significantly to maximum efficiency in the service desk. At the same time, different client and software assets can be individually adapted. This offers IT specialists the greatest possible flexibility. Would you like to know exactly how this works? Then read the white paper "From Firefighter to Service Provider" and take your support to the next level!

An overview of the contents of the whitepaper "From the Fire Department to the Service Provider":
  • Read how to reduce the workload of your Service Desk staff and still work more efficiently.
  • Learn about the dangers that can arise from "shadow IT" in your company.
  • Find out what the IT service management of the future looks like.
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