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VENDOR SELECTION MATRIX™ IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software

750 IT decision makers have decided and see Matrix42 in first place for IT and Enterprise Service Management.

ITSM and Enterprise Service Management are increasingly becoming one. Existing ITSM solutions must also be able to automate business processes outside of IT, such as in human resources, supplier management or financial and asset management.

The requirements for selecting the right provider are correspondingly complex. But how is the market positioned? Which market trends dominate? Which provider is convincing in which categories?

The exclusive market study Research-in-Action "Vendor Selection Matrix asked 750 IT decision makers about current market trends and the relevant software providers for Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Learn more:
  • which market trends dominate
  • In which ESM categories medium-sized companies will invest in 2020
  • what advantages Matrix42 offers you as the number 1 among the top 20 providers
  • I hope you enjoy reading it.
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