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Keyvisual SAP Lizenzkosten im Brennpunkt - Kostspielige Fehler vor der Lizenz-Vermessung erkennen und Lizenzbedarf optimieren
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SAP license costs in focus

Date: 21.02.2018 Duration: 64 Min. State: Recording Organizer: Matrix42 AG

License management for SAP ERP is Sisyphean work. It not only causes a lot of effort, but is so complicated that companies can hardly do it properly. Expensive over-licensing or expensive re-licensing are the consequences. Added to this is the "hot potato" of indirect use, which leads to explosive questions in audits. 

Learn from our technology partners Matrix42 and VOQUZ how to get your challenges under control with SAP licensing and thus optimize your licensing costs.

Topics are among others:

  • How to identify the most important SAP applications for your business success 

  • How to detect indirect usage and license it properly 

  • How to recognize and counteract the authorization concept as a license trap 

  • How you behave when it comes to engine consumption - pay only for what you actually use

  • What suits your usage pattern - standard licenses vs. special license types

  • How to optimize your license inventory

Martin Kögel Headshot
Martin Kögel

Director Secure IT Systems
VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH

Martin Kögel is VP Business Development and has been part of the VOQUZ Group management team since 2014. As the person responsible for product management at samQ, he knows numerous tips and tricks for SAP license management. Martin Kögel is also responsible for solution sales and the international partner program at VOQUZ.

Torsten Boch Headshot
Torsten Boch

Senior Product Manager
Matrix42 AG

Torsten Boch has been with Matrix42 since 2006 and is currently Senior Product Manager responsible for the "Software Asset Management" product line. This includes license, asset and contract management as well as modules for server inventory. Prior to that, he spent 15 years as a developer, consultant and project manager at various companies, where he was responsible for the design and deployment of standard software. He holds a degree in business administration with a specialization in tax and commercial law as well as accounting and bookkeeping.

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