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SITS Demo Days - FireScope - Real-time IT Asset Discovery and Dependency Mapping

FireScope - Real-time IT Asset Discovery and Dependency Mapping




Matrix42 AG

If an organisation doesn't understand what assets they have and how these IT assets support their critical services, they will be unable to manage and secure their IT and services efficiently.

Very few organisations have an accurate or complete view of their IT assets due to a constantly changing IT environment, an expanding count of IT assets and an increasingly growing number of non-traditional IT devices like hybrid devices or IoT equipment that cannot be easily discovered.

Join this exclusive webinar to learn how to get over this hurdle. We will demonstrate the key benefits of Secure Discovery & Dependency Mapping (SDDM) and discuss how to: 
  • automatically identify all IT assets (apps, network, cloud, storage, devices) and their associated dependencies to business services in real-time,
  • integrate with your CMDB so that you always have access to accurate, up-to-date IT asset data,
  • generate optional alerts, if a new device connects to your network or service or if an existing device disconnects, 
  • identify changes in real-time including unapproved changes as well as security threats resulting from rogue devices,
  • accurately assess and reduce the risk of critical business services failure using up to date dependency maps for impact analysis in advance,  
  • Identify savings potential through unused services.

You'll learn about the meaning of real-time, persistent discovery of your IT assets and their relationship to your critical business services.

Paul Yates Headshot
Paul Yates

Senior Solution Engineer
Matrix42 AG

Paul Yates is Senior Technical Consultant for EMEA at Matrix42 and enjoys helping people understand their IT services, maintain their CMDB and solve their change management issues. He supports international clients and partners in the implementation and execution of SDDM & SPM. As Senior Technical Consultant he specializes in solution design, implementation and support.

Robert Fleming Headshot
Robert Fleming

Sales Director
Matrix42 AG

Robert Fleming, Director of Sales for FireScope at Matrix42, has been helping customers overcome key IT and telecommunications challenges for over 25 years. He currently manages FireScope's business operations throughout EMEA. An electronics engineer, his experience includes sales and marketing as well as solution design and project management activities covering IT asset management, business architecture, data analysis, performance and service delivery. 

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