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Case Study

Rollout for 4,500 employees and 25 international providers

The entire implementation with training was carried out at KWS SAAT SE in less than six months. They now use a uniform system for all international locations.

KWS SAAT SE is a global company with core markets in Germany, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and China. The company employs 4,950 people in more than 70 countries, making it one of the world's leading seed producers. The plant breeding company has been operating independently for about 160 years.

KWS SAAT SE wanted to introduce a uniform service management system, but in the course of the process realized that the solution originally selected did not meet the existing requirements. Its performance was inadequate, process mapping, process automation and the integration of new functions proved extremely complex,. As a result, the company's new international subsidiaries and partners were unable to use the system. Moreover, even IT experts found the system's user interfaces extremely complex.

"The entire implementation process took just four weeks at each of our service centers."

Roland Hampel, Project Leader

Read how KWS SAAT SE has mastered the challenge of process automation with Matrix42 Service Management:

  • Rollout the new solution for over 4,500 users and 25 international providers. 

  • Complete implementation including training in less than six months. 

  • Handle all support processes using a unified system. 

  • Increase efficiency thanks to a high degree of process standardization and automation. 

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