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Remote Work: Mobile Working from Home, at the Office, or Anywhere Else

Remote Work: Work Securely from Anywhere

Many people will continue to work in the office, yet virtual conferencing from home or elsewhere will no longer be the exception. Remote working with secure access to data and applications, regardless of location and device, will raise productivity to a new level in the long term.

Nevertheless, flexible work styles and remote working also have a downside. They require modernized tools, processes, and IT security in times of tight budgets and resources. Companies are looking to achieve more with less input.

And this is exactly where Matrix42 comes into play. Set up a secure and flexible (remote) infrastructure in no time at all and enable your workforce to conveniently work using any device from anywhere. Our use cases and webinar series will show you how this is possible.

Enabling a smart and secure digital workspace

Automation plays an important role in enabling your organizations to secure your digitalization journey. Benefit from a platform approach to security and service processes.


Step by step instructions for an infrastructure to facilitate remote working

You can provide a digital workspace for your employees in no time at all in a unified and integrated solution with Matrix42 – whether they work in the office, from home, or elsewhere. 

The Digital Workspace Management solution, consisting of Unified Endpoint Management, Endpoint Security, and Enterprise Service Management (ESM), makes it possible to manage new company notebooks, mobile devices, and home computers in just a few clicks, allowing employees to freely choose their devices to work with. Employees have secure access to server applications and cloud services and work securely and in compliance with policies at all times, even when working outside of the office using unidentified networks.


Convenient deployment of devices and operating systems via Secure UEM

Deliver new company computers and smartphones to employees working from home with Windows Autopilot or the Zero Touch Enrollment program. Or remotely integrate your employees’ personal devices in just a few clicks. Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) enables IT administrators to utilize a comprehensive toolset for quick remote installation and configuration of all common device types and operating systems.


Work securely from offsite locations from the very beginning

Endpoint security is an absolute must when working in the remote office. This means protective measures such as virus protection, wireless network security, encryption, or application and access controls when setting up the remote environment via UEM and ITSM – regardless of whether it is new devices, accessories, cloud services, or apps. All automated and without the need for the IT team to intervene.


All services at the push of a button

It does not matter if it is a Dropbox account, a preconfigured smartphone, or a new application, your employees can also order your IT and business services remotely and conveniently via a web store with Matrix42. Service provisioning is consistent and automated from ordering to approval, from provisioning to billing, so the services are quickly and conveniently accessed on a platform consisting of Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management (ESM).


One click on any application

Turn your browser into a new operating system. Let your employees securely access the data and applications they need from anywhere, at any time, and with any type of endpoint device – whether it is a mobile, SaaS, or legacy application. And they can do it all conveniently with single sign-on.


Live support without an expensive VPN connection

Even if your IT team is not onsite, all members can access all computers via an encrypted Internet connection in the event of support and control them remotely – without a VPN, regardless of whether the devices are in the corporate network or at remote offices. If necessary, you can hold video conferences and enable instant meetings. It is also possible to provide support for computers, even if no one is using them.


Control and secure installed applications

Avoid exploits used by zero-day attacks or poorly secured networks. Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management means your employees only work in secure wireless networks and only use software versions authorized by the IT department and installed and patched via Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management. Whitelisting is automated, and old patch levels are automatically updated via Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM).


Full transparency of your IT landscape and business services

Capture and inventorize your IT landscape in real time.With Matrix42 Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping your IT identifies all IT assets including dependencies between applications, networks, virtualization, cloud and storage, and their mappings to business services. Your CMDB is automatically updated and changes to the IT landscape and their impact on business services are captured in real time.


Automatically block illegal data transfers

Know what company data leaves the company (unencrypted) and how. Are there interfaces with unusual data movements? Matrix42 enables you to have full transparency over all data flows of your employees when they are working from home. Suspicious data movements and access attempts to unidentified removable media or cloud storage are automatically blocked and logged in a manner pursuant to the GDPR.


Achieve more with less – increased productivity with fewer complexities and costs

  • Freely choose the devices you want to use – multi-platform support for all device types and operating systems
    Your IT team provides remote offices and mobile work environments for all device types and operating systems via Windows Autopilot, Device Enrollment Program (DEP), or remotely and with just a few clicks – even from the cloud.

  • Built-in security – complete protection for your remote environments
    Whether it is ransomware or protecting against threats from the inside, you get a complete package of malware protection, encryption, access and application controls, and network and data monitoring tools.

  • Higher service levels: live support is just a click away
    Integrated remote support enables your IT to access your employee devices. Regardless of the location, without a VPN, even for unmanned computers.
  • More services from a single source – 100% integration instead of expensive silo solutions
    Best-of-suite instead of best-of-breed. Standardize the management and protection of devices, software, and services in one integrated solution instead of many specialized solutions.

  • No need for manual work – services at the push of a button
    Your users order services, apps, and hardware via a self-service portal in the webshop. Provisioning is carried out automatically. All assets, services, licenses, and costs are booked automatically.

  • Redefined user experience: self-service portal for an Amazon-like UX
    All IT and business services at the push of a button. The Matrix42 self-service portal enables access to all IT and business services for your employees using any type of device in just a few clicks.


Mobile working from Anywhere

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