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Remote Work: Mobile Working from Home, at the Office, or Anywhere Else

Remote Work: Work Securely from Anywhere

More than ever, the virtual workplace has taken on a different role in today’s new normality. Thanks to the rapid evolution of digital technologies, remote working has been made easier with more flexibility and productivity regardless of location and device, and it is reshaping the way we work for the future.

Despite all its advantages however, working remotely also has its downsides, as it requires modern tools, processes and IT security that may put a strain on resources. Companies are trying to achieve more with less.

This is where Matrix42 can offer a solution, by setting up a secure and flexible remote infrastructure and enabling your workforce to connect from anywhere using any device. Our use cases and webinar series will show you how.


Hybrid Work: Increase Productivity vs. Better Work-Life Balance?

Discover everything you need to know about the current state of remote work in this downloadable international study, for which more than 4,000 people in Europe and the USA were surveyed.


Blueprint to Secure Remote Workforce Productivity 

You can provide a digital workspace for your employees in little to no time with a unified and integrated solution with Matrix42 regardless of location.

The Digital Workspace Management solution, consisting of Unified Endpoint Management, Endpoint Security, and Enterprise Service Management, makes it possible to manage IT equipment such as notebooks, mobile devices, and home computers. Employees have secure access to server applications and cloud services that are in compliance with policies at all times.


Convenient Deployment of Devices and Operating Systems via Secure UEM

Deliver new company computers and smartphones to employees working remotely with Windows Autopilot or the Zero Touch Enrollment program. Or, easily and remotely integrate your employees’ personal devices. Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) enables IT administrators to utilize a comprehensive toolset for quick remote installation and configuration of all common device types and operating systems.


Work Securely from Offsite Locations from the Get-Go

Endpoint security is an absolute must when working in remote offices. This means protective measures such as anti-virus, wireless network security, encryption, or application and access controls need to be easily and effectively implemented by IT.


All Services at the Push of a Button

Whether it is a Dropbox account, a preconfigured smartphone, or a new application - your employees can order your IT and business services remotely and conveniently via a user-friendly web store interface with Matrix42. Service provisioning is consistent and automated, from ordering to approval, or from provisioning to billing services to the correct department; these services can quickly and conveniently be delivered and accessed.


One Click Away to Any Application

Your browser is the new gateway. Let your employees securely access the data and applications they need from anywhere, at any time, and with any type of endpoint - with single sign-on.


Live Support without an Expensive VPN Connection

Even if your IT team is not onsite, you can provide support ensuring accessibility to all members and all computers via an encrypted Internet connection and control them remotely. This can be done without VPN, regardless of whether the device is connected through a private or public network. Virtual meetings are no exception.


Control and Secure Installed Applications

Security is not compromised. Avoid exploits used by zero-day attacks or poorly secured networks. Matrix42 enables your employees to only work in secure wireless networks and to only use software authorized by IT. Whitelisting is automated, and old patch levels are automatically updated via Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management.


Full Transparency of your IT Landscape and Business Services

Capture and inventorize your IT landscape in real time. With Matrix42 Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping you can identify all assets and dependencies between applications, networks, virtualization, cloud and storage, and their mappings to business services. Your CMDB is automatically updated, helping you establish a “single source of truth” and changes to the IT landscape while their impact on business services is captured in real time.


Automatically Block Illegal Data Transfers

Matrix42 enables you to have full transparency over all data flows of your employees when they are working remotely. Suspicious data movements and access attempts to unidentified removable media or cloud storage are automatically blocked and logged in a manner pursuant to the GDPR.

Enabling a Smart and Secure Digital Workspace

Automation plays an important role in enabling your organization to secure your digitalization journey. Benefit from a platform approach to security and service processes.


Achieve More with Less – Increased Productivity with Fewer Complexities and Costs

  • Freely choose the devices you want to use – multi-platform support for all device types and operating systems
    Your IT team provides remote offices and mobile work environments for all device types and operating systems via Windows Autopilot and Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

  • Built-in security – complete protection for your remote environments
    Whether it is ransomware or protecting against inside threats, you get a complete package of malware protection, encryption, access and application controls, and network and data monitoring tools.

  • Higher service levels: live support is just one click away
    Integrated remote support enables your IT to access your employees’ devices. Regardless of the location, without a VPN, and even for unmanned computers.
  • Seamless access to more services – 100% integration instead of expensive silo solutions
    Best-of-suite instead of best-of-breed. Standardize the management and protection of devices, software, and services in one integrated solution instead of many specialized solutions.

  • Self Service IT – services at the push of a button
    Automate your intensifying IT service management requirements with ease, efficiency and excellence.  Your users can order services, apps, and hardware via a user friendly, self-service web portal. Provisioning is carried out automatically, as well as booking of all assets, services, licenses, and costs.

  • Redefined user experience:  consumer experience for the enterprise workforce
    Provide users a uniquely intuitive, single interface - accessible from any authorized device - to obtain any IT and business services they need. This creates a more productive and engaged workforce while lowering the cost of IT operations.


Mobile working from Anywhere

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