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FireScope IT Asset Discovery & Dependency Mapping

FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM)

Do you still capture your IT infrastructure manually? Then how quickly do you capture changes to your IT landscape? Do you know the composition of your critical business services, such as those that identify disruptions or migrate to the cloud faster?  

You don’t? Then, you have now found the ideal solution to your challenges with FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping!


Automatically capture your IT landscape in real time

FireScope SDDM continuously collects data from the network traffic to capture all IT assets in the IT landscape and their dependencies to each other, leveraging this data to help identify critical business services.

  • High data quality: Identify associated assets including application, network, virtualization, cloud, and storage dependencies.  
  • Always up-to-date: The program constantly scans networks for new objects and detects changes to existing ones  
  • Service intelligence: Continuous monitoring of behavior, changes and patterns of assets, and dependencies ensures faster resolution of incidents  
  • Determination of the usage level of IT assets to ensure investments in relevant services only


Full visibility into the composition of your business services

FireScope SDDM provides IT teams with an automated mapping of all IT assets to critical business services as a service map that visually represents all application and service dependencies. The key benefits are obvious: 

  • Improved incident response times: Faster identification of critical business services means your IT teams know which configuration items support which business services  
  • Proactive alerting on potential security issues, such as new network traffic or unknown endpoints that access services  
  • Convenient CMDB maintenance: CMDB data is updated and maintained automatically and in real time 
  • Real-time data: The solution continuously scans for new objects to detect changes to existing objects and ascertain their impact on services   
  • Increased security and compliance: automatic alerting of unplanned or unauthorized changes through continuous monitoring  
  • Reduced migration risk during cloud migrations or service consolidations


Take the helm of your IT landscape

Identify all IT assets (apps, network, cloud, storage, devices), service dependencies, business services, and user behavior in real time
High data quality at all times through continuous capturing of changes in the IT landscape
Optimize service quality through faster troubleshooting
Increased network security through automatic alerting of unplanned or unauthorized changes to the IT landscape
Automatically maintain and update your CMDB
Simplified and accelerated data center or cloud migration
Risk minimization of service failures and drops in performance
Cost optimization of the IT infrastructure by saving redundant services
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