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Labtagon GmbH
An der Eickesmühle 40
41238 Mönchengladbach

Tel.: +49 2166989488
Fax: +49 2166989489
[email protected]

Regional Coverage: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Antigua and Barbuda, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malta, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Switzerland Founding Date: 2013 Number of Employees: 25 Certificates:
2 Unified Endpoint Management
7 Service Management
Competence Partner Gold

Labtagon GmbH

Labtagon GmbH is a service provider and software manufacturer based in Mönchengladbach (NRW). The range of services includes project management, consulting, operational support, software development and training in areas such as software asset management, IT-Service-Management, IT-Process-Security and IT-Security.

Our services and software extensions create real synergies between the various software products. Therefore, the full potential will be unleashed and the manual work steps are significantly reduced.

With a professional, flexible and innovative team, we implement strategies with our customers to make business processes more efficient.

Shaping ways for the future

Automation, digitalization and optimization of IT processes help to save costs and increase security.