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Regional Coverage: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia Founding Date: 2005 Certificates:
1 Unified Endpoint Management
4 Endpoint Security Management


Your reliable and competent business partner

At IT2Trust, we are the leading distributor of business-critical IT-solutions within IT-security and Network in the Nordic countries. We earn this title by not only ensuring you the right product matching for your business but also by offering competent Advisory and guidance on all our products from start to finish – an approach resulting in real value for you and your solution. In addition, we provide this advice and guidance free of charge.

Entering into a cooperation with IT2Trust means that your interests become our main priority – a priority we are able to make because we are a privately owned, financially independent, and profitable organization. Consequently, we only take on technologies that we can vouch for and that we feel right for us.

At IT2Trust, you are met by cyber security specialists and people continually perfecting and developing their skills through additional education. Simultaneously, we make sure that vendors and partners have all the necessary tools at their disposal and that our solutions are user-friendly, profitable, and cover all technical needs. The combination of these aspects makes us your stable and resourceful adviser and business partner.