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Consulting4IT GmbH
Im Ermlisgrund 8
76337 Waldbronn

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Regional Coverage: Germany, Austria Founding Date: 2003 Number of Employees: 79
Competence Partner Diamond

Consulting4IT GmbH

We focus on a few chosen products and topics. As a system specialist we integrate solutions in the companies and not companies in a solution. Unlike a systems company we concentrate on market leading products of software producers Matrix42 (including EgoSecure and enSilo) and Nexthink.

Our aspiration is to be the leading specialist for our partners.

While others know all codes by their name, we have in-depth knowledge of how companies act, how people think and how processes should function optimally.

Simply: System integration with process experience.

Our strength is the knowledge about the details and about the rough edges of the daily use of various products.

Our consultants ask the right questions and deliver tested answers due to their long experience.

Our goal of a successful implementation is to enable you smooth processes and procedures. Everyone who implemented a system in a national- or international company knows: not the range of functions is that what really matters but practicality and acceptance of a solution.

Eventually not the IT strategists decide about the success of a software solution. The user are the ones, who confirm the quality, efficiency and the benefit of a solution every day. Our consultants bring exactly this knowledge into a project providing high acceptancy and efficiency of new solutions.

Our continuous expansion and high customer satisfaction are the best proof for that.