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Modern Device Management

Modern Device Management for Mobile, Flexible Working​

Whether it’s a notebook, tablet, smartphone, or even a smartwatch – more and more employees are using multiple devices to access company servers and cloud applications while on the road. But more flexibility also means more complexity: IT teams need to manage more platforms and devices as well as meet security requirements.​

An ideal solution for how to do this is the Silverback enterprise mobility management solution. It enables employees to work highly flexibly with the end device of their choice without compromising on security and compliance. What makes the tool special is that IT teams can manage and secure a wide variety of endpoint types and platforms with just a single solution.


Measuring the Economic Impact of Secure Unified Endpoint Management

Learn more about how Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) generates savings and a three-year 160% ROI and payback in less than 3 months.


Free Choice of Devices for the Employees

Matrix42 Silverback integrates Android Device Management, Apple Device Management, Endpoint Security, and Asset Management in a single solution. Employees can use any mobile device and can set it up for mobile working with just a few clicks, even while on the road.

What that means for you: Highly productive and satisfied employees, reduced IT workload, and lower costs due to the elimination of parallel solutions, expensive interfaces, and redundant data storage.​


Easy commissioning due to Zero-Touch Enrollment

Unpack, switch on, get started – without the need for IT support. Once the employee turns on the device, Windows Autopilot for Win 10 devices or device enrollment programs for Apple and Android devices take care of setup.


Fast Assignment of Configurations and Policies

Assign configurations including all user profiles, apps, and security settings to your employees depending on their requirements and roles with just a few clicks. The Mobile Application Management recognizes the device types and underlying operating systems and selects the appropriate deployment method.


Automatic Inventory Check​

Designed to play a key role in your device management, Matrix42 Inventory automatically records all hardware and software, performs application usage tracking, and transfers the data to asset management. Virtual machines and hybrid devices, as those supported by Windows 10, are also identified and mapped, and their relationships are documented.


Built-in Security and Compliance​

Get compliance and security status on your endpoints in an instant. When threats are detected, devices can be directly deleted, blocked or quarantined, or predefined actions can be triggered to remotely wipe data.


Implement Mobile Industry Requirements Quickly and Easily​

Mobile device management (MDM) allows for new or existing mobile devices to be easily configured for certain use cases based on specific policies or applications. This includes, for instance, shift operation in hospitals (mobile ward rounds) or the delivery of goods via hand scanner.​​​


Mobile and Secure Content Synchronization​

Mobile content management facilitates quick access of files on mobile devices. The Companion app provides secure access to sensitive corporate data on your network, such as SharePoint and Office 365.​

Easily add new files and folders with the right authorization from the Files and Matrix42 Documents app.


Conveniently Manage All Device Types in a Single Solution​

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management integrates Mobile Device Management (MDM), Endpoint Security, and classic device management in one solution. All major platforms from Windows 10, ChromeOS, Android Enterprise, iPadOS, macOS, and iOS are supported.

Matrix42 in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Unified Endpoint Management Tools 2021

Matrix42 in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™
for Unified Endpoint Management Tools 2021

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Get Devices and Apps Much Like an Amazon Order​

As a special feature, the solution offers native integration with Matrix42 IT Service Management. This enables your IT to provide preconfigured packages in a dedicated enterprise app store, where your employees can order all preconfigured devices and apps with just a few clicks. All back-end processes – from ordering to compliance and license checks to technical provisioning – run automatically and without IT support.​


Modern Device Management for Flexible Working Styles ​– simple, secure and device-independent

  • Greater Range of Devices and Operating Systems​
    Matrix42 integrates Apple Device Management, Android Device Management, and supports all common device types and operating systems. such as iOS, iPadOS, Google Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox, macOS, tvOS, ChromeOS and Windows 10.

  • Support Flexible Work Styles and Provisioning Methods
    Whether COPE, choose your own device (COYD) or bring your own device (BOYD). With Matrix42 MDM software, your employees have the freedom to choose their end devices.

  • Automatic inventory with cost optimization
    The integrated Asset Management component identifies all hardware and software inventories, creates a comprehensive installation history, and calculates connection costs in real time (especially in roaming).
  • Secure data at all times thanks to endpoint security
    Integrated security with Windows Defender, Bitlocker and extensive protection features such as data encryption according to AES-265, FIPS140-2 standards as well as further options including lock screen displays.

  • Easier administration of all types of devices​
    Centralized management of all endpoints, platforms, and configuration and policy assignments from a single solution, data source, and user interface.

  • Convenient deployment of devices and applications​
    Your users simply register their devices themselves. Configurations, profiles, apps, and data are distributed to all user devices via cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management.​
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