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(Enterprise) Service Management & Compliance

Easy integration, automated services, happy users.

From BYOD to freedom of choice in applications, many corporate IT departments are struggling to cope with the demands of digital native employees. Not only that, the increasingly complex mix of services, devices and applications is making it difficult to maintain control and transparency over IT assets.

Matrix42 presents GOOD CHOICE

From cost center...

Plus, because they are seen as a necessary cost rather than a source of value, IT departments are being asked to do more and perform better, while their budgets are being cut. It’s not fair, but it’s reality. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s time to fight back – with help from Matrix42. profit center

Matrix42 Service Management helps IT departments provide a good answer to the question, “Why is our corporate IT so expensive?”, and prove that cost center managers are willing to pay more for a service that IT spends on delivering it. This can be achieved through a holistic approach to IT Service Management that: integrates IT and business processes; makes the entire service delivery process transparent; assigns a price to every service within a centralized service store; and enables continuous service cost monitoring and optimization.

Ensuring software compliance

In addition, integration with Matrix42 Compliance enhances transparency and simplifies management further, by automating the approval and deployment of legitimate software installations, identifying unauthorized deployments, and optimizing costs through comprehensive accounting for license compliance. Efficient. Transparent. Cost-effective.

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