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Secure Unified Endpoint Management

Security and Automation for any kind of Operating System. Make yourself independent from technical provisioning layers like agents or Mobile Device Management (MDM) and manage all your devices end to end with security built-in right from the start​.


Ensure simple and secure Unified User Experience
for your IT and employees

80% of all employees use more than one device to remain productive anywhere at anytime. They expect to use the device of their choice and access corporate networks, apps and data intuitively and easily across platforms. For IT this means – more complexity and more risk. Your IT must be enabled to efficiently manage diversity while ensuring that apps and sensitive data are secure.


Zero Touch Device Rollout

Ship your devices non-stop to your users and ensure that they’re being setup automatically fully compliant with Windows 10 Autopilot​.

  • Define your Desired State Configuration​ – Work backwards from your vision and define how your Workspace shall be configured with just a few clicks to create the perfect Sales Workspace Configuration for example​.
  • Assign this Configuration to your Users​ – Your Workspace Configurations including all the profiles, apps and security measures. They just have to be assigned once to the group of users that shall receive it​.
  • Ship your devices directly to your Users without ever touching them​ – Now it’s getting super easy – you don’t even have to unwrap the devices anymore. Just ship them to your users, even directly from the vendor and Windows 10 Autopilot will take over when the user powers up the device for the very first time​.


Security built right into your Device Management

Have a single source of truth for everything regarding your endpoints – Configuration, Security, Health​.

  • All Endpoints in a single Unified User Experience (UUX)​ – There’s only one place you have to go to inspect, manage and secure all your devices – in any browser, on any device
  • Health, state and compliance united​ – Gain transparency about everything that’s going on and all the changes regarding your infrastructure in a blink​
  • Remediate automatically with smart actions​ – Let the system help you to constantly increase the amount of automation and implement counter actions to common issues ​


Combine the power of Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Use the out-of-the-box Connectors to automatically bring all your Configurations into your Enterprise Service Management.

  • Configure the out-of-the-box Connector​ – With just a few clicks you can form the link between your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM)​
  • All Packages and Configuration will be kept in sync​ – Everything in your Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) will be imported into Services in your Service Catalog – ready to be consumed by your users​
  • Optimize your efforts based on consumption and usage​ – Stop investing time into updating packages and configurations nobody uses and prioritize based on the actual usage of your packages and configurations​


User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA)

Your data and the productivity of your users are the most critical assets your company has – protect and empower them!

  • Behavioral Baseline​ – The system automatically determines a baseline for every employee and endpoint​.

  • Anomaly Detection​ – If anything out of the ordinary happens, like some endpoint uploading tons of data to an unknown datacenter at Saturday night, the system blocks the attempt in real-time – no harm done​.

  • Security Incident Management​ – The issue needs to be analyzed and resolved at its root cause. Here’s when Security Incident Management comes into play to decompile the issue and close the leak once and for all.


Remote Control: Fast, secure remote maintenance with live support – anytime, anywhere, and without a VPN

Many company and department structures are distributed across various locations. Plus, more and more users are working from home. Everyone expects top support, but there can’t always be an IT expert onsite at every location.   

This is exactly where the Matrix42 Remote Control add-on comes into play. When working on support cases, your IT team has access to all computers and services via an encrypted Internet connection and can control them remotely – without a VPN. Whether on the company network or in users’ homes. Remote Control is ready for operation immediately – without an installation.

  • Top support without barriers: Remote maintenance for company devices, regardless of location and without a VPN  
  • Maximum security: Superb data protection with 256-bit AES encryption  
  • Fast to learn: Thanks to ease of use  
  • Live support: Via phone, VOIP, chat, or video conference  
  • Control via remote clients: Including for unmanned computers

Matrtix42 Remote Control extension


Three good reasons to choose
Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management can be obtained from the cloud, operated on-premise in your own infrastructure or in a hybrid model.

Manage all devices in one solution

Reduced costs and reduced burden on your IT. Still full control over all devices, apps and data..

Built-in IT security and compliance

Built-in comprehensive protection for all workspaces. Sensitive data remains secure and compliance is maintained.

Standardized, continuous processes

Complete integration with service and software asset management for better decisions and lower costs.

  • Faster rollout of devices and applications – Your users simply order and register their devices themselves. Configurations, profiles, apps and data are automatically distributed to all user devices after approval.

  • Reduce device management costs – The simultaneous management of mobile, physical and virtual endpoints in multiple systems ties up valuable IT resources. With Unified Endpoint Management, you combine everything in one console and save the costs of parallel operation.

  • Provide an excellent user experience – smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop - the management of the working environment should feel and look the same on all devices in order to keep the handling easy regardless of the platform.

  • Protection against attacks, misconduct and data loss – sensitive data remains protected, regardless of whether the threat is an attack from inside, outside, or the unconscious misconduct of an employee. Even if an infection has already occurred.

  • Secure access at all times – based on role and location profiles, your users get secure access to apps and data. You always keep the data exchange on your devices under control.

  • Optimize your IT asset lifecycle – from procurement to end-of-life, your IT teams always have a single pane of glass view of the current status and costs of all IT assets.

Matrix42 in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Unified Endpoint Management Tools 2021

Matrix42 in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™
for Unified Endpoint Management Tools 2021

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Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management

Flexibility and security are inseparable. For your employees, this means the choice of devices and secure access to their IT work environment. For your IT, Secure Unified Endpoint Management is the intuitive tool to easily manage all devices and applications regardless of the platform, while protecting sensitive data. In a central solution, with a continuous process, in a central console and built-in security.

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management
Unified Endpoint Management
Simplify the management of your devices and relieve the burden on IT. The best of client lifecycle and enterprise mobility management in one solution.
Matrix42 EgoSecure Data Protection
EgoSecure Data Protection
The 360° protection against malware and insider attacks. Keep your endpoints, applications and data secure.
Digital Workspace Platform
Digital Workspace Platform
Adapt your solution, not your requirements. Increase productivity and safety. Unified user experience on every browser and device.


Increase your productivity

Matrix42 Endpoint Detection & Remediation
Endpoint Detection & Remediation (EDR)
The automated preventive and post-infection protection for your endpoints and data - even for unknown malware.
Data Loss & Leakage Prevention (DLP)
Data Loss & Leakage Prevention (DLP)
Advanced protection against data theft and unauthorized access to sensitive company data.
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