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Software Asset Management

Greater transparency and lower costs for software and IT assets. Optimize your IT asset and license lifecycle management to reduce costs and risks. You gain detailed insight into the relationships between your IT assets and have complete transparency of inventory and demand at all times.


Ensure license compliance across all platforms and save costs

Increasingly complex licensing models make it difficult to handle software on physical and mobile clients, in data centers and in the cloud in accordance with licensing law. In view of the multitude of challenges, lone wolves in charge of licensing no longer stand a chance. Software asset management has long since become a company task.

License Management

Matrix42 License Management supports you in recording and automatically managing software licenses to ensure compliance. You reduce typical audit risks and efforts. At the same time, you optimize your license costs.

Optimize the ongoing planning of your license requirements

  • Better planned license purchases – detailed reports help you identify all relevant installations as well as missing and unused licenses.

  • License status and trend analyses – individual requirements are automatically consolidated across organizational structures (e.g. locations or cost centers). You always have full transparency on the status quo and recognize trends early on.

  • Measurement and analysis of license and software usage – optimize your license costs based on the actual usage of assigned licenses. This is the only way to ensure compliance, especially for cloud services.

  • End-to-end ordering processes – integration with the Matrix42 Service Catalog allows users to participate in software ordering processes and automatically book new licenses.

Automate the determination of your actual license inventory

  • Automatic identification of applications and licenses. The Cloud Service Licence Intelligence Service (LIS)  gives you access to master data and fingerprints of over two million application samples and licence catalogue items of 65,000 software products from 7,000 software vendors.

  • Automatic calculation of license requirements – detected applications are evaluated according to licensing laws. The solution automatically calculates your actual license requirements based on over 350 license models supplied with the software.

  • Automated notifications – deadlines for license renewals or cancellations are always under control.

Ensure compliance - on any platform and in the cloud

  • Ensure compliance regardless of platform – compliance is not a wishful thinking, because violations of license agreements can be expensive. Matrix42 License Management ensures that you always have transparency and control over your licenses. Regardless of whether it is applications for Windows10, iOS, macOS, ChromeOS, Android or Linux-powered end devices, externally sourced cloud services or server software in the data center.

  • Automatically identify unauthorized applications – for unauthorized applications (shadow IT), license requirements are determined, your license administrator is notified, and governance processes are initiated to approve or remove the application.

  • License audit at the click of a button – the creation of an always up-to-date license audit also takes into account the license compliance requirements of complex license models of large manufacturers for physical and mobile clients, software in data centers and in the cloud.

  • Better decisions – based on real demand, you are well prepared to enter into negotiations with your vendors. And you can finally look forward to the next audit.

Contract Management

With Matrix42 Contract Management you can simplify and automate complex contract management processes to optimize your costs. Create transparency about your IT assets, contractually agreed services, framework contracts, responsibilities and contract deadlines. Because unused services cause unnecessary costs.

Keep agreed services, costs and deadlines securely under control at all times

  • Centralized access to all contracts – Matrix42 Contract Management allows you to access all contracts and agreements, e.g. Volume License Agreements, Service Level Agreements (SLA), Operation Level Agreements (OLA), Underpinning Contract (UC) and Framework Agreements as well as the corresponding data of the service providers via the central, web-based repository.

  • Informed with just a few clicks – all order data, licenses, payment plans, delivery notes, contact persons and contract status are at your fingertips.
  • Interactive reports – you can drill deeper into the database at any time for cost planning and forecasting, analysis of usage rates and risk assessment of contracts

  • Budget, cost, and risk analysis – create reliable cost plans for your contracts with aggregated analysis of cost types, locations, types, and reporting periods.

Concentrate on optimization, monitoring is automatic

  • Easy to capture and link – capture new contracts and related documents easily through the easy-to-use interface and link them to related assets from your asset management, provider data, and service portfolio

  • Templates save time – integrated templates for sample contracts and sample license agreements cover all essential contract types, saving you valuable time when creating documents.

  • Automatic notifications  never miss contract renewals, cancellation deadlines or pending audits again. Matrix42 Contract Management monitors the entire inventory of all contracts and automatically triggers predefined information to the right people in charge. You stay informed about the current contract status and avoid costly surprises.

Benefit from more efficient end-to-end processes in an integrated solution

  • Seamless integration for more compliance – Matrix42 Contract Management is seamlessly integrated into Matrix42 Workspace Management. Comprehensive analyses support you in optimizing costs and risks.

  • Optimization of your service processes – Matrix42 Service Catalog automates the ordering and approval process of new IT assets and contractually agreed services. The booking and provisioning of IT assets, applications and licenses on the user's end devices is also automated.

  • Centralized Inventory and Asset Management – Via the Matrix42 Service Desk, your IT service team has direct access to Asset Management and can view all devices and services assigned to the user. The associated service contract is also just a click away.

Asset Management

With Matrix42 Asset Management, you maintain full investment control over the lifecycle of your IT assets, including all technical and commercially relevant data. A central inventory creates the basis for efficient IT service, procurement and provisioning processes. You benefit from higher productivity and avoid unnecessary costs and risks.

All service teams have the same Single Pane of Glass view of your assets

  • Access all IT assets across all processes – Matrix42 Asset Management gives you full access to the inventory data of your applications and devices in addition to data on the company structure, e.g. locations, departments, cost centers and employees. Existing and new assets can be clearly identified and assigned to the right users throughout the entire service process.

  • Automatic inventory –the inventory scans your entire system environment in a few minutes All local devices and devices connected to the company network are taken into account. The black and white listing function allows you to define exceptions for the automatic inventory.

  • Cross-platform discovery – Matrix42 Asset Management makes physical and mobile devices visible, as well as all peripherals, network components and servers in your data centers.

  • Better decisions save time – in the event of loss, repair, replacement or renewal - you make better decisions based on clearly understandable information about the logged status and configuration history of all IT assets.

Save time and costs through automatic lifecycle management

  • Easily capture and link IT assets – easily capture and link new assets, associated contracts and licenses using the easy-to-use interface. Additional inventory data from distributed data sources and third-party solutions can be easily imported to merge them centrally in Matrix42 Inventory.

  • Increased productivity in Service Management – save valuable time by standardizing and automating frequently performed manual tasks to manage your IT assets. Already during the ordering and provisioning process, IT assets and all associated licenses are automatically assigned to the right user and cost centers.

  • Automatic notifications – the end-of-life date is announced, the leasing contract expires or a contractually agreed maintenance date is due? Asset Management automatically notifies you of upcoming dates and actions related to the specific IT asset, associated contracts or licenses.

Optimize the quality of your data and make better decisions

  • Ensure license compliance – Matrix42 Asset Management provides your license management with accurate asset and master data to detect inconsistencies, determine license inventory and plan license requirements. You avoid planning errors caused by inconsistent data and can optimize your license costs.

  • Clear view at the service desk – your IT Service Team has access to the current status of the IT assets assigned to a user at all times in the event of incidents and service requests. You save valuable time when researching related contracts, applications and licenses assigned to the user.

  • Configuration status versioning – changes to the configuration of individual IT assets, e.g. after a successfully completed change, are immediately available to all service teams. The historical configuration statuses can also be viewed as a fallback.

  • Automated accounting of new IT assets – IT assets ordered and released in self-service via the integrated Matrix42 Service Catalog are automatically assigned to the user and booked to the correct cost centers. They always remain up to date.


Increase your productivity


Good reasons to choose
Matrix42 Software Asset Management

Matrix42 Software Asset Management integrates License, Asset and Contract management in one solution. You can get the solution from the cloud, run on premise in your own infrastructure or in a hybrid model.

Prize-winning Software Asset Management

100% certified by KPMG

KPMG Germany SAM Tool Assessment and Certification awards Matrix42 Software Asset Management with the highest possible score of 100% in all test categories The solution thus has all the functionality and software catalog content to support enterprise software license compliance.

Innovation of the year

Software Asset Management and MyWorkspace enable organizations to provide secure workspaces for users and increase productivity while managing licenses, compliance, mobility and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) within the cloud.

Best in Class

According to ITAM Review, Matrix42 is the first IT Service Management Suite to offer fully integrated enterprise-class IT Asset Management. Matrix42 was therefore awarded "Best in class".

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