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Matrix42 is "strong performer" among the top 12 UEM providers

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is gaining acceptance as a uniform management interface for desktops, mobile and IoT devices and wearables. More and more companies want to replace their separate solutions for Client Management and Enterprise Mobility Management with a UEM tool and are looking for a suitable product for their requirements. The latest Forrester publication Wave™: Unified Endpoint Management 2018 provides assistance in this process, comparing the top 12 providers in terms of current offerings, strategy and market presence and offering valuable tips for selection. Matrix42 was also listed in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobility Management 2017.

According to Forrester's UEM Wave 2018, UEM is an important tool to balance employee experience and security.  A UEM tool helps companies:

  • Improving the Employee Experience
  • The maintenance of security and compliance

According to another Forrester study (Now Tech: Unified Endpoint Management 2018), investing in UEM pays off for companies in three ways

  • UEM offers employees a consistent user experience across all devices and apps. The result is increased productivity and higher user satisfaction.
  • UEM strengthens customer confidence in the company. By providing an overview of all endpoints, UEM helps to contain attacks that aim to steal customer data.
  • UEM increases the flexibility of IT. By consolidating mobile and desktop management, IT can deliver services to its users faster and easier. In addition, the increased automation of processes frees up IT resources that can be invested in other, business-critical projects.

However, companies interested in UEM face a complex and fragmented supplier market. The size, geographical orientation, functionality and industry focus of the providers vary considerably. The Forrester Now Tech 2018 provides a detailed overview and helps in the selection process.

"We are pleased that Forrester Research has been ranked in the Wave and see this as a confirmation of our product strategy. In an ever-increasing battle for talent, the automated and secure management of the digital work environment is not only an important component for a better employee experience. It is also a key competitive advantage for our customers. Employees already use more than one device for digital work. Therefore, a modern Unified Endpoint Management solution must cover all device types in order to provide digital workplaces easily and securely," explains Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42.

Decision support for choosing the right provider

Size and functionality of the solution

In the Now Tech 2018 Report, Forrester experts recommend using the size and feature set of a UEM solution to decide for or against a vendor. The analyst firm identifies three types of UEM vendors: client management vendors, mobile specialists and hybrid suites. Each vendor type has different approaches to managing desktops and mobile devices.

Adaptability to individual requirements

In order to fully exploit the advantages of UEM, a solution should be chosen that can be adapted to the company's own organisational, technical and other requirements. Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management is offered in modules, so customers enjoy maximum flexibility. All modules are integrated with each other and can be operated in a holistic management console.

Strong partner ecosystem

"Choose a vendor with a strong partner ecosystem" is the recommendation from the Now Tech 2018 Report. Strong partnerships allow the responsible IT team to leverage additional functionality within the solution, increasing flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions and requirements. This optimizes investments and increases the effectiveness of the UEM solution through integrated partner solutions. If the solution offers everything users need for productive work, the use of unauthorized third-party applications is also prevented.