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Five tips for higher IT security

Against the background of the digital transformation, IT security remains one of the greatest challenges for IT organizations. This is shown in a recent study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), which was supported by Matrix42. However, a largely closed security chain is only present in a few of the companies surveyed. However, a total solution approach to information security is a basic prerequisite for capturing all components, solutions and processes and subsequently deriving the necessary guidelines.

IT security is a constant issue in German companies

IT security continues to be a constant issue in IT departments and for employees in the business departments of companies. In the IDC study, 67 percent of the companies surveyed stated that they had experienced security incidents in recent months. Most frequently affected were PCs and notebooks (34 percent), networks (31 percent) and smartphones and tablets (30 percent). They are used as a gateway into the data center. But the data centers themselves (29 percent) and servers (28 percent) were also affected, as were printers, sensors and IoT.

However, user misconduct (37 percent) and insufficiently secured endpoints (34 percent) are the two most frequently cited security risks. "Many companies still underestimate current and future security threats. They overlook the fact that IT security must be viewed holistically. Only through a multi-layered protection system that provides coordinated measures, full transparency and automated protection can organizations be well prepared for Angriffe in the future," explains Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42.

Five recommendations for higher IT security

IDC makes five recommendations to improve IT protection:

  • Conduct a realistic assessment of your organization's protection, defense, and recovery capabilities.
  • Take a holistic view of IT security and plan strategically.
  • Integrate your tools and automate your processes.
  • Use different solutions and deployment models.
  • Develop a security culture in your company.

New challenges in IT security

According to the IDC experts, new challenges and changes are already emerging in the area of IT security that companies must face. Increasing autonomy of the specialist departments, new use cases beyond business IT and Internet of Things scenarios will increasingly come into focus. For IT decision-makers, it will therefore continue to be no easier in future to resolve the conflict between business enablement and secure IT operation.

Matrix42: Endpoint Security with more than 15 Modules

Matrix42 is the only German provider that offers its customers an endpoint security solution with more than 15 modules from a single source. These modules are coordinated with each other and complement each other, but also work alone or in combination with others. This clearly sets Matrix42 apart from other providers, who usually only build one module themselves and expand their portfolio with purchased elements from third party manufacturers, which are then either not developed at all or only rudimentarily. Bendig: "Our goal is to offer our customers and their users an IT security solution that does not limit productivity and runs unnoticed in the background. With our solution, we offer absolute transparency of all security-relevant processes as well as automatic detection, reaction and action when anomalies occur".