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DSGVO safe: Matrix42 extends UEM solution with SyncDog

Matrix42 has entered into a partnership with SyncDog in the area of Mobile Personal Information Management and mobile container solutions. SyncDog's product Secure.Systems ™ will be integrated into the Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management solution. As a result, Matrix42 customers benefit from DSGVO-compliant separation and protection of their business and private data on their mobile devices.

Companies need a clear separation and strong protection of business and private data on their employees' mobile devices. This is especially true for companies that rely on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy, i.e. allow their employees to use private devices for work, but still want to ensure that sensitive company data is well protected. "That's why we were looking for a best-in-class endpoint security product to extend our Unified Endpoint Management solution," said Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42. "It was important to us to find a solution that would secure our customers' devices without negatively impacting applications and the end-user experience. With SyncDog, the leading provider of mobile application security, we strengthen our UEM portfolio and additionally help our customers to meet the DSGVO requirements". SyncDog's solution Secure.Systems™ will be integrated into our Unified Endpoint Management solution as a standalone Matrix42 app and made available to customers upon request.

Container-based solution

With the SyncDog solution, Matrix42 extends its existing support of native PIM (Personal Information Management - Mail, Calendar, Contacts) applications of iOS and Android with a container-based solution. This enables companies to provide their employees with secure PIM applications on private devices. Business data can therefore be made available easily and securely via Briefcase, File Sync, DropBox, File Manager, Office Suite, Annotate and Secure Camera/Image Roll. Users thus use a fully protected app to carry out all corporate communications. The transfer of data to other apps can be completely prevented. Thus, companies can rely on the high security of a solution certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Companies managing their devices with Matrix42 UEM can easily distribute and configure the app to their end devices.

Additional Security Level

SyncDog's product Secure.Systems ™ provides an additional layer of security for company-wide collaboration. First, the encryption and transport of data between companies and secure, containerized applications on mobile devices. Second, the complete management of Unified Endpoint Management features. With a partitioned, NIST-certified * FIPS 140-2 container, enterprise security is greatly enhanced.  How? The container can back up device and enterprise data both on the device in sleep mode and on the road. Secure.Systems ™ consumes minimal system resources and does not interfere with employees' work on their mobile devices in any way. "We are pleased to be working with an established European UEM vendor whose market approach is similar to ours," said Jonas Gyllensvaan, founder and CEO of SyncDog.

Support for DSGVO compliance

The solution also provides support for compliance with the EU data protection basic regulation. Article 32 of the DSGVO stipulates that it is precisely the risks of data on mobile private devices that must be analyzed and appropriate measures implemented to protect them. Particularly in the case of BYOD and the simultaneous use of private data and company data on end devices, it must be ensured that contact data, for example, is not replicated in unauthorized applications. The container solution helps here. By separating business and private data, it is also possible to use messenger services such as WhatsApp.