Automated Endpoint Security

The intrusion of viruses is often unavoidable – an unauthorized data transfer is already possible.

If even comprehensive protection fails, Automated Endpoint Security helps prevent the effects of cyber attacks. Automated Endpoint Security focuses on preventing attackers from reaching their real target: stealing, manipulating or encrypting endpoint and server data.


Automated Endpoint Security

powered by enSilo

enSilo is a data protection platform that combines the functions of an Endpoint Prevention Platform (EPP) with those of an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and enables the control of application communication.

And in real time.

Avoid the Cyber Kill

Automated Endpoint SecurityAutomated Endpoint SecurityAutomated Endpoint SecurityAutomated Endpoint Security

Infiltration cannot always be prevented. Our solution focuses on securing your data so that it cannot be encrypted, manipulated or stolen. This gives your IT security department enough time to analyze the entrance gates for possible security gaps and develop counter-strategies.

Red card for Spectre and Meltdown!

Matrix42’s Automated Endpoint Security powered by enSilo provides complete protection against malware such as Spectre and Meltdown. Read current facts in our blog post.

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The Automated Endpoint Security Partnership

Matrix42, the leading provider of workspace management solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with enSilo and now offers the innovative security company’s products exclusively in Central Europe and integrates enSilo into its comprehensive Workspace Management Suite.

How it works



Step 1:

Collector collects operating system metadata.

during connection establishment
during data modification


Step 2:

When a connection is established or a file is modified, a snapshot is sent to the core.



Step 3:

The core analyzes the metadata and prevents data theft or Ransomware attack.

Step 4:

Only legitimate connections or file modifications are allowed.


Prevent data theft in real time

enSilo protects data in real time against theft because it works at the operating system level. This prevents data from being stolen.

Real-time protection against Ransomware

enSilo stops the attackers like Bad Rabbit before data can be encrypted. It works at operating system level and is therefore the only universal solution.

Smooth security prevents data theft in real time

Security should not have a negative impact on business processes. Even with a compressed system you should be able to continue working.

One alert per active threat

enSilo only warns you after it has prevented malicious outbound communication, data manipulation or unauthorized encryption.

„Chief Information Security Officers and other IT security decision makers
new security technology vendors should consider using the
support a secure digital workplace.“
Gartner, Cool Vendor 2016