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Build Your Dream Team by Integrating Endpoint Security and IT Operations with Matrix42 Data Protection & Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Are you concerned that your IT systems are facing increased risks? Worried about cyberattacks and remote data breaches; or simply challenged by the sheer number of separate systems needed to protect your infrastructure? Technology has outpaced traditional IT security as securing the perimeter has become more challenging.

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) takes your organization to the next level. Let workforce security meet business agility. Forge stronger bonds between processes & tools and enable synergies between Endpoint Security and IT operations. Integrate data protection in software and device management via automated processes. 

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Integrated and Automated Unified Endpoint Management and Data Security

Simplify management, consolidating three into one. Client Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, and Endpoint Security within a single integrated solution. One comprehensive console, complete with built-in security. You get quicker rollouts, simpler administration, and fewer risks thanks to real-time automated security updates, threat detection, and defense countermeasures. 


Automated Software Allocation with Integrated Whitelisting 

Stay two steps ahead. Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) automatically selects the right method of provisioning to allocate software no matter which operating system or device is in use. Improve internal threat protection with integrated application control whitelists installed software simultaneously – avoiding previously manual processes.


Proactively Close Security Gaps with Improved Productivity

Ensure devices are kept up to date and secure. Whether it’s hard disk encryption when issuing devices, setting up security policies, or enabling regular patch and update cycles, Matrix42 helps you automate the protection of devices throughout their entire lifecycle – from deployment to decommissioning, even in hybrid work environments.


Secure Onboarding – Ensure New Employees Are Productive and Secure from the Moment They Start 

Help protect employees while giving them the flexibility to work how and where they need to. Endpoints, accessories, cloud services, and apps can be secured immediately at initial onboarding with antivirus, encryption, and application & access controls. Proactively automate employee IT service needs without IT intervention.


Data Security Included - Fast and Secure Connection of Home Offices

Whether it’s new company equipment for use in employees’ homes or integrating private end devices, administrators have a comprehensive toolset to quickly install operating systems and applications remotely, integrate new devices into the network with inventory, and configure secure access packages to services. Remote maintenance and control are included.


Improved Cyber Resilience – Automated Malware Defense and Recovery at the Endpoint

Thoroughly detect malware attacks and automate your cyber defense and recovery at the endpoint. Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) together with the Matrix42 Post Infection solution can stop data exfiltration and data theft at the endpoint, initiate recovery, and even document the incident – automatically.


Vulnerability Analysis at the Touch of a Button – Transparency Redefined 

How much unencrypted data leaves your network? Which interfaces experience above-average data transfer? Is data stored on cloud drives or private flash drives? Matrix42 allows you to maintain an overview of all your endpoints to better understand how data is transferred, accessed, and the data carriers used.


UEBA – Analysis-based Anomaly Detection and Eliminating Insider Attacks 

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management (SUEM) analyzes user behavior as well as data access and usage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and AI, atypical behavior and suspicious data transfers can be identified in real time and blocked – limiting accesses and downloads in a fully automated fashion.


More with Less – Faster Protection with Fewer Resources 

  • Turn three into one – conserve your IT budget 
    Best-of-suite instead of best-of-breed. Manage efficiently with a single, integrated solution for client management, mobile device management, and IT security instead of three separate ones.

  • Faster response to cyberattacks – automate defense and recovery 
    Combined Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) automates the entire defense-in-depth process - from detection, through defense against data tampering and exfiltration, and to remediation & recovery at the endpoint.

  • Data Protection integrated - higher cyber resilience and productivity through process standardization​
    Endpoints, accessories, cloud services, and applications are protected with measures such as pre-boot authentication, encryption, application, and access controls – even when working from home. 
  • Endpoint Security administration made even easier 
    Efficiently configure security settings such as data protection, WIN Defender, and the firewall via a management interface while accommodating different device types and operating systems.

  • Speed up compliance processes – reduce risks with native security integration​ 
    Automated software allocation across a wide range of end devices operating systems, including whitelisting and security lifecycle management. 

  • Security status and vulnerability -  analysis at a glance
    Get an instant overview of where attacks could occur, including potential risks threatening your IT infrastructure. 
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