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Need for Speed – complex services at your fingertips

November 17, 2022 - July 17, 2024

Amazon-style orders at the push of a button, automatic billing and real-time tracking of deliveries are standard features in our daily private lives, but at work we often miss them. 

A common reason is the lack of synchronization between technical provisioning, commercial verification and authentication processes. Separated special solutions for UEM, ITAM and ITSM create data silos resulting in expensive additional efforts such as faulty interfaces or CMDB data not being maintained. 


Stop it now! Tom Kröger, Presales Consultant at Matrix42 presents how IT administrators can: 
  • Automate provisioning of software installations via a self-service portal, 
  • Integrate compliance policies such as multi-level approval processes and license checks to workflows 
  • All while updating inventory and CMDB data maintenance in real time,  
  • Outlook: Automate provisioning of complex non-IT services from other departments. 


75% of IT budgets is spent on maintenance of existing systems. Save yourself expensive silos and get more out of your IT budget!


Tom Kröger

Senior PreSales Consultant
Matrix42 GmbH

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