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Expert Round Table – IBM License Management

July 08, 2020 - July 17, 2024

30,000 software products, 120 license metrics, audit procedures or ILMT - hardly any other SAM topic strikes such high waves as IBM license management.

IBM licensing is so complex that companies are often in danger of being hit by a violent "surging billow", for example different capacity metrics, missing usage measurement in ILMT or limited information in contracts.


But how can you surf the "license wave" while saving license costs and reducing audit risks?


Get answers to these questions in a webinar from the SAM experts of SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH and Matrix42. Learn how to balance your IBM license management despite the increasing swell:


  • Complex - more complex – IBM: The IBM Licensing Challenge
  • Attention tripping hazard: PVU, Sub Capacity, ILMT and Co.
  • How to save IBM license costs
  • Enhanced inventory leads to higher data quality: your added value with IBM Compliance from Matrix42


Yvonne Weiß

Senior License Consultant

Ines Weinhold

Senior License Consultant

Silke Henderson-Stuenkel

Senior Product Manager
Matrix42 GmbH

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