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Audit Risk Java - Create transparency, recognize risks – timely prevention

October 13, 2022 - July 17, 2024

Oracle now also audits Java!  So far only as so-called 'soft' audits, but now also officially included in the first software audits, Oracle has started to audit Java.


The challenge: Many organizations have no transparency about their Java installations, versions, or even commercial features of supposedly free versions. This can get really expensive in Oracle software audits.   


Silke Henderson-Stuenkel, Senior Product Manager and Licensing Specialist for Oracle at Matrix42, reports on the current state of Oracle & Java audits and presents highlights from the brand-new Matrix42 JAVA inventory innovation, with which license managers: 


  • Gain full transparency over all deployed JAVA versions from all vendors

  • Identify license-required Oracle Java features prior to an audit

  • Generate Oracle audit reports at the push of a button 


Silke Henderson-Stuenkel

Senior Product Manager
Matrix42 GmbH

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