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Optimize Software Usage to Save Costs and Mitigate Risks

Track and govern software usage across your data center, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments to optimize costs and ensure compliance.


Analyze Software Usage to Reduce Costs

Determine your current and projected license needs and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive usage analysis, optimize software usage and associated costs by reallocating inactive licenses and removing surplus licenses. Using a centralized enterprise app store with integrated Software Asset Management enables software harvesting and helps avoiding redundant purchases.


Optimize Cloud Software Usage to Reduce Your SaaS, IaaS and PaaS Spend

Leverage synergies and cloud cost saving potentials by identifying reservation candidates and down- or upsizing potential. Analyze actual costs, and their evolution over time, per business unit or region to identify the reasons for rising costs and re-allocate licenses based on usage. Map your actual cloud spend to planned budgets and stay on top of deviations or future needs to optimize your multi-cloud spend.


The Cost Pitfall of Software Licenses

In this white paper, SAM managers, procurement officers and IT managers learn how to uncover expensive over- and under-licensing, by: 

  • Discovering the true costs of flat rate contracts, 
  • Preventing license violations by controlling IT changes, 
  • Identifying superfluous maintenance expenses with transparent contract management. 


A Unified Solution Gives Peace of Mind During the Next Software Audit

Get rid of true up costs and penalties. Keep your software usage, licenses, and costs under control at all times. Create a license balance at the touch of a button to prove compliance, and be well-prepared to optimize software costs when negotiating prices with your software suppliers. Save additional costs and time by automating your license, asset, and contract management processes in a unified solution to reduce manual tasks and efforts spent to prepare and perform software audits.


Optimize Software Usage, Costs and Risks of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and IBM

Leverage the huge savings potential of complex data center applications from vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM and others. Because of the complexity of their licensing metrics and virtualization, they pose the greatest risks during software audits. Closely track usage and precisely calculate license requirements to reduce costs and mitigate associated compliance risks.

Stay on Top of Complex Licensing Models
from Large Software Vendors