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Software Asset Management

Are you spending too much on software? And how likely are you to fail the inevitable software vendor audits that are coming your way? The right compliance technology solution provides transparency and control over your software costs and usage to enable a proactive optimization of your software spendings, and minimize audit risks.

Did you know that most companies are spending hundreds of euros per employee per year on software that is rarely or never used? This represents a significant avoidable cost. More serious still in the context of increasingly frequent software vendor audits, is the use of software that has not been properly licensed. Fines and retrospectively applied fees have, in the worst cases, run into millions of euros of unplanned costs.

Software Asset Management (SAM) optimizes IT costs permanently

Software Asset Management is a discipline that helps organizations avoid these costs and risks by enabling complete transparency over software usage and inventory. This is achieved through the ability to accurately compare license usage with licensing status, allowing ongoing optimization according to need. In addition to software, Software Asset Management also covers the complete lifecycle of hardware assets, providing a sound foundation for correct software licensing, as well as optimized deployment and service processes. And it includes contract management, providing full transparency over every vendor, supplier and organizational department, as well as the related costs and when they are due.

A comprehensive, cross-functional approach to SAM

All of which produces a truly comprehensive set of asset information that can help to proactively optimize your software and hardware expenses by identifying savings throughout the organization. Finally, Software Asset Management is a cross-functional process, integrated into all IT processes according to the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard, and covering all four primary software deployment platforms – clients, servers, mobile devices and the cloud.

Introducing Matrix42 Compliance

Matrix42 Compliance is a modular Software Asset Management solution for unified process and automation management, based on high quality data. It treats Software Asset Management as an ITIL discipline under business process management, together with Matrix42 Service Management. As such, it helps organizations avoid the cost of unnecessary software spending and audit failures, and automates process support for applying corporate governance, as it relates to software cost control. And because it provides complete transparency over software usage and cost, organizations have a much stronger basis for license negotiations with suppliers and software vendors.

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