Software Asset Management

Avoid Incorrect Licensing – Optimize IT Investments – Ensure Compliance – Relaxed Audits

Matrix42 Software Asset Management is a complete solution consisting of asset, license, and contract management. It provides license managers and compliance officers with full transparency and investment control over all assets, contracts, and licenses across all platforms (clients, servers, mobile devices, and the cloud). By avoiding improper and incorrect licensing and optimizing costs and license requirements, you can take a relaxed approach to the next software audit.

Matrix42 Software Asset Management integrates license management, asset management, and contract management into a single solution – from the workspace to the data center.

Optimize your SAP licenses and frees up budget

The licenses for SAP are independent of the current use of the system. This offers a lot of room for over-licensing or under-licensing. With Software Asset Management for SAP, Matrix42 offers the solution to this challenge. This ensures license compliance with you vendor and frees up budget for innovations.

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Matrix42 Software Asset Management

Matrix42 Software Asset Management services can be supplemented through add-ons available for purchase, such as the Datacenter and the Oracle Compliance add-on.


Matrix42 Software Asset Management

Matrix42 Software Asset Management lässt sich durch zukaufbare Erweiterungen wie dem Datacenter und Oracle Compliance Add-On in seinen Funktionen ergänzen.

Your added value with Matrix42 Software Asset Management

100% Compliance

  • Full transparency over inventory of all IT assets and associated contracts
  • Integrated contract management with cost planning and monitoring
  • Procurement and approval processes compliance with guidelines
  • Software asset management in line with ISO/IEC 19770-1, adaptable with Workflow Studio

100 % Automation

  • Complete inventory check of all platforms, including physical and virtual devices, hardware specifications, and installed software
  • Identifying licensing requirements and consolidation (suite & second copy)
  • Detection of software use for local applications, terminal servers, and the cloud
  • Software classification with over two million detection patterns via the cloud-based license

100 % Control

  • License balances at the push of a button
  • Active monitoring of costs, meetings, and deadlines
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards with compliance reports, trend and risk analyses, and inventory forecasts
  • License optimization at the workplace, in the data center, for mobile devices, clients, servers, the cloud, and Oracle, IBM, and SAP databases

*depending on IT environment

Softwareverteilung und Lizenzmanagement mit Matrix42

‘Several years ago we received a letter from Microsoft regarding a pending license audit. This motivated us to rethink our software distribution process and use the insights gained to revamp our license management system as well.’

Hanspeter Vlaj

IT Director, Belimo Automation AG

Softwareverteilung und Lizenzmanagement mit Matrix42
Softwareverteilung und Lizenzmanagement mit Matrix42

Softwareverteilung und Lizenzmanagement mit Matrix42

„Vor einigen Jahren erhielten wir Post von Microsoft – ein Lizenzcheck stand an. Das war für uns der Ausgangspunkt, unsere Softwareverteilung zu überdenken und darauf basierend auch das Lizenzmanagement zu überarbeiten.“

Hanspeter Vlaj

IT-Leiter, Belimo Automation AG

Six Reasons to Choose Matrix42 Software Asset Management

  • License management without media discontinuity through full integration in service management
  • Ensures compliance and cost control for all device types and software as service solutions
  • Technical solution for capturing and measuring all software products across all platforms and third-party systems
  • High return on investment thanks to quick integration into existing IT landscapes
  • Simple adaptation to business processes through the Matrix42 Workflow Studio
  • KPMG certified with a score of 100% in every category

Matrix42 is 100 percent certified by KPMG

KPMG Deutschland has confirmed that, in 2015, Matrxi42 Asset Management software received a 100 percent rating in all test categories and includes all the necessary functions and software catalog contents required to support companies in the area of software license compliance.

Source: KPMG Deutschland

Software Asset Management and MyWorkspace “Innovation of the Year”

Software Asset Management and MyWorkspace enable companies to provide secure workplaces for users to increase productivity and simultaneously manage licenses, compliance, mobility, and software as a service (SaaS) within the cloud.

Source: ITAM Review

Named “Best in Class”

According to the ITAM Review, Matrix42 offers the first ITSM suite to also incorporate fully integrated enterprise class IT Asset Management, and was named “Best in Class” for this reason.

Source: ITAM Review 2015 Group Test

Ihre Vorteile

Matrix42 Software Asset Management ist eine Komplettlösung bestehend aus Asset-, Lizenz- und Vertragsmanagement. Verantwortliche für Softwarelizenzierung, Verwaltung von Arbeitsmitteln sowie Verträgen erhalten eine vollständige Lösung für ein ganzheitliches IT Asset-, Contract und License Lifecycle Management. Software Asset Management erlaubt es Ihnen, Ihre Software- und Hardware-Ausgaben – von der Planung über die Beschaffung, zur Installation sowie zum Nutzungsverhalten bis hin zur Deinstallation – proaktiv zu optimieren.

Die 300 % Lösung – automatisiert, integriert, anpassbar

Ihre Vorteile als IT-Spezialist

  • Transparenz über alle Assets und Verträge
  • Automatisierte Bereitstellung von Anwendungen und der entsprechenden Provisionierung
  • Vollständiges Compliance Management für Mobilgeräte, Clients, Server, Cloud sowie Datenbanken von Oracle
  • Schnellen Anpassungen mit dem Workflow Studio und der Drag & Drop Technologie SolutionBuilder

Ihre Vorteile als Entscheider

  • Aktives Monitoring von Kosten, Terminen und Fristen
  • Umfangreiches Reporting mit Trend- & Risikoanalysen
  • KPMG zertifizierte Software Asset Management Lösung, welche außerdem an Standards, wie ITIL und ISO/IEC 19770-1 ausgerichtet wurde

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Oracle License Management

This makes it easy for you to maintain an overview of your Oracle licenses and be prepared for the next audit.

Your Oracle inventory at your fingertips

Benefit from a consolidated overview of all scanned systems and your metadata, such as the difference between hardware and software provisioning defined by Oracle or the vCenter assignment.

All your databases

All of the databases in use, including all relevant metadata, will be shown to you in another view.

Detail view of shared options

Always keep an eye on all options and functions in use: Stay on equal footing with an Oracle auditor.

Oracle Lizenz Management

So einfach behalten Sie den Überblick über Ihre Oracle Lizenzen und sind für das nächste Audit gerüstet.


Ihr Oracle Bestand auf Knopfdruck

Profitieren Sie von einer konsolidierten Übersicht aller gescannten Systeme und ihrer Metadaten, wie die von Oracle definierte Unterscheidung zwischen Hard- und Soft-Provisionierung oder eine Zuordnung des vCenter.


Alle eingesetzten Datenbanken

Alle sich im Einsatz befindlichen Datenbanken inklusive aller relevanten Metadaten werden Ihnen in einer weiteren Ansicht aufgezeigt.


Detailsicht auf genutzte Optionen

Behalten Sie immer alle verwendeten Optionen und Funktionen im Blick und begegnen Sie einem Oracle Auditor auf Augenhöhe.

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Sebastian Werner
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Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner
Phone: +49 69667738220



Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner
Phone: +49 69667738220

SAP License Management simple and transparent

High savings through permanent optimization based on usage – Up to 80% less effort in system measurement

Pay only for what your users really use. With the integrated SAP ERP Compliance Add-on, you automatically assign the optimal license type to each user based on their actual usage. They identify unneeded licenses, eliminate duplicate user accounts and optimize licensing for indirect use. As a result, you have a permanent, ideal distribution of the existing license inventory based on actual usage. Complex preparations for SAP system measurement are a thing of the past. License audits become transparent and verifiable.

SAP inventory and usage at the push of a button

You automatically evaluate all transactions in each SAP system and determine the correct license type for each user based on their use.

Comprehensive risk management

Identify possible cases of indirect use that you can review and, if necessary, proactively license.

Your SAP Compliance Early Warning System

All important license information with alert messages when critical states are reached. You also keep an eye on package and engine consumption at all times and can recognize trends in license usage at an early stage.

Drag & Drop Prozessmodellierung

Matrix42 Workflow Studio

Automatisieren Geschäftsprozesse ganz einfach per Drag & Drop.
– Genehmigungsworkflows
– Aufgabenverteilung
– Automatisierte Software Bereitstellung
– Erstellung von Benutzerkonten
– Integrationen in all Ihre Systeme
und vieles mehr.

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…about license compliance, license management, contract management, asset management, and CMDB

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