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Hybrid Work: Higher Productivity or a Better Work-life Balance
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Hybrid Work: Higher Productivity or a Better Work-life Balance – Why the Right Balance Is Vital

Matrix42 conducted an international survey among 4.000 respondents in Europe and the United States, in collaboration with the research institute YouGov.

Hybrid work – it has a flexible ring to it and is the future of digital work. We are, of course, talking about the combination of working together at the office and working virtually from home or on the road. How can organizations successfully introduce this new work model while taking employee concerns into account – and without losing productivity? 

Advantages for work-life-balance 

Hybrid work gives your employees significantly more freedom to decide which devices they work best with, when, and above all from where they work best. This is a plus for employees’ work-life balance and when it comes to attracting new talent. 

Obstacles on the path to the future of digital work 

But corporate leaders watch out! Far from all of the respondents shared this absolutely positive view, especially when comparing countries directly. Every organization will need its individual solution for the future of digital work. Companies can only achieve high productivity if they strike a balance between their needs and those of their employees. To achieve this, they must successfully overcome a whole host of challenges. 

Read the executive summary on the survey and find out more about: 
  • The status quo of WFH compared internationally 
  • The impacts of hybrid work 
  • Obstacles on the path to implementing hybrid work 
  • Organizational and technical recommendations 
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