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FireScope by Matrix42 – Automatic IT Asset Discovery, Dependency Mapping
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FireScope by Matrix42 – Automatic IT Asset Discovery, Dependency Mapping




Matrix42 AG

Eliminate manual data collection and updates – FireScope will ensure you have complete, up-to-date and accurate CMDB data without any effort. 

Are you struggling to build an up-to-date and accurate CMDB? How long does it take to add or update IT assets in your CMDB? Do projects get delayed because you need to update your IT data before each project so that scope and impact can be assessed?

Or for your key business services, are you lacking transparency of the IT dependencies - making cloud migrations and change management risk assessments difficult to compete?  

Then FireScope’s Secure Asset Discovery & Dependency Mapping solution is the ideal extension for your service management. Paul Yates, Senior Presales Consultant at Matrix42, will present the advantages and functionality of this solution, allowing you to:


  • Automatically Identify all IT assets (apps, network, cloud, storage, devices) and their associated business services dependencies in real-time,  
  • Integrate with your CMDB so that you always have access to accurate, up-to-date IT Asset data, 
  • Generate alerts, as appropriate, if a new device connects to a service or if an existing device disconnects, identifying potential security risks or service faults that can be investigated. 
  • Accurately assess and reduce the risk of critical business services failure using up to date dependency maps for impact analysis in advance,  
  • Identify savings potential through unused services.
Robert Fleming Headshot
Robert Fleming

FireScope Sales EMEA
Firescope, Inc. – a Matrix42 company

Robert Fleming, Director of Sales for FireScope at Matrix42, has been helping customers overcome key IT and telecommunications challenges for over 25 years. He currently manages FireScope's business operations throughout EMEA. An electronics engineer, his experience includes sales and marketing as well as solution design and project management activities covering IT asset management, business architecture, data analysis, performance and service delivery. 

Paul Yates Headshot
Paul Yates

Senior Technical Consultant
Firescope, Inc. – a Matrix42 company

Paul Yates is Senior Technical Consultant for EMEA at Firescope and enjoys helping people understand their IT services, maintain their CMDB and solve their change management issues.  He supports international clients and partners in the implementation and execution of SDDM & SPM. As Senior Technical Consultant at Firescope he specializes in solution design, implementation and support.

Headshot Glyn Yates
Glyn Yates

Regional Lead MEA
Matrix42 AG

Glyn Yates is a sales and marketing professional specialising in expansion activities, helping companies establish their brand and product offering in international markets.  He has extensive experience in helping companies digitise and optimise their business processes with the help of technology.

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