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Matrix42 Webinar with Pink Elephant: Automated Discovery, Reconciliation & Synchronization

Automated Discovery, Reconciliation & Synchronization - the Three-Legged Stool of Configuration Management




Matrix42 AG

ITIL best practices have long espoused the value and benefits of having an accurate and up to date view of your current system configuration. Likewise, Agile, DevOps and Cybersecurity objectives require transparency to support, inspect, and adapt culture.

However, establishing and maintaining an accurate real time service model has seemed to be an elusive goal when we are dealing with complex adaptive systems that are constantly changing. This has gotten even more challenging with the adoption of cloud-based services and their native elasticity.

However, the fact remains that you cannot govern or manage what you do not understand or know so it is critical that IT service providers find a way to achieve the elusive goal of Service Configuration Management.  

  • Discover the importance of service configuration management
  • Learn about key service management integrations
  • Understand how configuration management automation positively impacts your business 
  • Learn how to use Service Modelling and IT Mapping in the field of Service Asset and Configuration Management. Get more information about IT Mapping, Service Mapping and CI Mapping
  • Learn more about the usage of Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) and how to access and manage Configuration Items (CIs) by perfect IT Mapping and CMDB Discovery and CMDB Visualization 
  • Features of IT Discovery and CMDB Discovery: Automated Discovery and Certificate Management   
  • The right use of IT Asset Discovery, CI Discovery (Configuration Items Discovery) and how ITSM Discovery helps to create Service Models 

Hear from Troy DuMoulin, VP Research and Development at Pink Elephant and Kenneth Adamson, Sr. Product Manager at Matrix42 as they explore how automated discovery, reconciliation & synchronization can be effectively applied to map and model your technology systems and environments. 

Troy DuMoulin Headshot
Troy DuMoulin

VP Research & Development
Pink Elephant

Troy is considered by many to be one of the world’s foremost ITIL® and ITSM expert; he is currently working on the ITIL 4 update as a member of the Lead Architect Team. As a leading IT governance and service management authority, Troy has exceptional expertise and experience in Lean IT and DevOps as well as an extensive background in executive IT management training and consulting – with more than 20 years’ experience. He is also a published and contributing author for multiple books on topics such as Lean IT, the service catalog, and official ITIL® publications for editions (2, 3, and 4). A frequent speaker at IT management events, Troy was recently named one of the “Top 25 Industry Influencers in Tech Support and Service Management" by HDI.

Ken Adamson Headshot
Ken Adamson

Senior Product Manager
Matrix42 AG

Ken is Senior Product Manager at Matrix42. Ken is a very customer-focused individual who strives to delight customers through continuous delivery of value with great software. Ken has over 29 years in the systems and data center and hybrid cloud infrastructure management industry. Ken was an instrumental member of an extremely successful team at Nimsoft leading to CA Technologies acquiring Nimsoft for $350M.

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