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Assignments and compliance made easy - The way to Modern Device Management

Assignments and compliance made easy - The way to Modern Device Management




Matrix42 AG

Employees expect a customized working environment for their mobile devices, depending on their role.  

But assigning applications, configurations, user profiles and access rights is often laborious and time-consuming. Many tasks are managed with different tools or are even configured by hand. 

Miralem Cebic, Product Manager at Matrix42, presents a fast alternative with a maximum of automation and efficiency in his live demo. Learn how to:  

  • Perform standard configurations for mobile and Windows 10 devices. 
  • Roll out new mobile applications quickly and easily. 
  • Automatically update your inventory.  
  • Block unauthorized applications. 
  • Automate security operations triggered by a ticket like password reset, remote data wipe out or device blocking.
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Miralem Cebic

Product Manager
Matrix42 AG

Miralem Cebic joined Matrix42 in 2015. Since 2020, he is the responsible product manager for the Secure Unified Endpoint Management product line. His current area of responsibility includes the classic client lifecycle management software Empirum, the modern, company-wide mobility management software Silverback and the data protection suite from EgoSecure. Prior to that, he was a developer for client management software and product owner for endpoint management software agent. Miralem Cebic is a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner and certified Product Management Expert.

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