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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Know what you have. Document, deploy, maintain, update and decommission your IT assets when the time is right.

This is how Matrix42 IT Asset Management helps you track and better understand your IT Assets‘ business value

Matrix42 IT Asset Management integrates inventory with persistent discovery and dependency mapping, asset and contract management, all in one solution. It’s available to access from the cloud, run on premise in your own infrastructure, or in a hybrid model.

Single Pane of Glass - a central repository for all processes

One single repository containing all your assets and their dependencies within one platform, enabling you to seamlessly optimize all your business and IT processes.

Persistent cross-platform discovery of your IT asset dependencies

Using a superior discovery method that combines passive and active discovery, you can identify and gather asset intelligence on dependencies you never knew existed.

Automated real-time updates to your CMDB

Never miss a change to your IT infrastructure and say goodbye to tedious manual inventories. Leverage the automation and integration capabilities of a powerful ESM Platform.

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Matrix42 IT Asset Management

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Cross-platform Inventory

  • Autodiscovery for full transparency: Matrix42 Inventory automatically provides an up-to-date overview of all hardware and software in use. Even virtual machines and hybrid devices, such as those running under Windows 10, are identified, assigned and their relationships documented.

  • Optimization of Data Quality: By integrating Matrix42 Inventory into IT Service and Software Asset Management, you can make relevant data available in a central database across all processes. It forms the basis for optimizing your Service Management processes, license costs and IT Asset Management costs.

  • Intuitive and ease to use: See live what is running on a client and define installation windows when it suits you best. Comprehensive authorization management allows you to delegate tasks to less specialized employees and even individual users.

  • Flexible control: Via the API, you can easily control actions in your inventory via PowerShell, Matrix42 Workflow Studio or custom programming.

All service teams have the same Single Pane of Glass view of your assets

  • Access all IT assets across all processes: Matrix42 Asset Management gives you full access to the inventory data of your applications and devices, in addition to data on the company structure, e.g., locations, departments, cost centers and employees. Existing and new assets can be clearly identified and assigned to the right users throughout the entire service process.

  • Automatic inventory: The inventory scans your entire system environment in a few minutes. All local devices and devices connected to the company network are taken into account. The black and white listing function allows you to define exceptions for the automatic inventory function.

  • Cross-platform discovery: Matrix42 Asset Management makes physical and mobile devices visible, as well as all peripherals, network components and servers in your data centers.

  • Better decisions save time: In the event of loss, repair, replacement or renewal - you make better decisions based on clearly understandable information about the logged status and configuration history of all IT assets.

Simplify and automate complex contract management processes to optimize your costs

  • Centralized access to all contracts: Matrix42 Contract Management allows you to access all contracts and agreements, e.g., Volume License Agreements, Service Level Agreements (SLA), Operation Level Agreements (OLA), Underpinning Contracts (UC) and Framework Agreements, as well as the corresponding data from the service providers via the central, web-based repository.

  • Informed with just a few clicks: All order data, licenses, payment plans, delivery notes, contact persons and contract status details are at your fingertips.

  • Interactive reports: You can drill deeper into the database at any time for cost planning and forecasting, analysis of usage rates and risk assessment of contracts.

  • Budget, cost, and risk analysis: Create reliable cost plans for your contracts with aggregated analysis of cost locations, types, and reporting periods.

  • Automatic notifications: Never miss contract renewals, cancellation deadlines or pending audits again. Matrix42 Contract Management monitors the entire inventory of all contracts and automatically triggers the distribution of predefined information to the right people in charge. You stay informed about the current contract status and avoid costly surprises.

Automate your CMDB – Automatically capture and map your IT landscape in real time

  • Persistent discovery: Continuously collect data from network traffic to capture all IT assets in the IT landscape and their dependencies to each other. Leverage this data to help identify critical business services and rogue devices.

  • Automated mapping of all IT assets to critical business services in the form of a service map that visually represents all application and service dependencies.


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