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Forrester Total Economic Impact ™ Study Shows That Switching to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management Can Pay Off for Companies     

SMEs in particular can benefit from an investment in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. The recent Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Consulting came to this conclusion. The cost-effective software by Matrix42 helps companies with their digital transformation while delivering a high net present value and a three-year potential 51 percent ROI.

An international automotive supplier and Matrix42 customer was interviewed for the study. In a move to successfully navigate in an increasingly complex IT landscape, this company switched to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management from a very well-known third-party provider two years ago. The prerequisite for the investment was a substantial cost reduction while maintaining the same scope of services. According to the survey, the switch resulted in more transparency and flexibility as well as an overall improvement in IT governance. 

The Forrester framework provides potential customers with insights into the cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk factors of Enterprise Service Management implementations and evaluates the impact on SMEs of migrating to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. The results of the latest Forrester study are very promising. Fabian Henzler, VP Products at Matrix42, explains, “The study clearly shows that our customers benefit from the flexibility of our Enterprise Service Management solution. Apart from cost savings, process automation also significantly increases employee productivity and relieves the workload of the IT service desk. We’re very delighted with this result. Companies interested in our services can leverage this report to gain a sound insight into the numerous benefits of our solution from a cost–benefit perspective.”  

Benefits of migrating to Enterprise Service Management  

The Forrester study highlighted the following benefits from migrating to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management:  

  • Businesses can achieve a cost reduction compared to solutions from other providers, especially with regard to licensing, cloud, infrastructure, and support costs.  

  • Both end users and IT staff benefit from Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. End-user productivity increases due to the ten percent savings in the amount of time worked. The high level of automation bolsters the efficiency of IT staff by 33 percent.  

  • In addition, there are productivity gains by reducing the offboarding workload by 20 percent.  

  • At the same time, automation and self-service reduce IT service tickets and the time and effort required to process change requests by 15 percent each.

A benefit of the Matrix42 solution that cannot be quantified is greater end-user acceptance of the software through a better understanding of the service. In turn, this leads to optimized business results and an enhanced customer experience. Improved incident and change management means system availability is more stable, which benefits both customers and employees. Employees also gain greater data integrity and availability, which facilitates decision-making. The new ticketing system also results in a reduction in overall end-user wait time by up to three days.