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Survey Commends Matrix42 for Having Best ITSM & ESM Software in Germany

Top results for Matrix42: The specialist for digital Workspace Management has been ranked in the Vendor Selection Matrix™ – IT and Enterprise Service Management as the market leader in management of the digital workplace among major German SMEs.

As a result, the 2020 survey by Research in Action considers Matrix42 to be the most important software producer for the transformation of the IT department into a service provider in IT and enterprise service management, SaaS, and software on the German market. Matrix42 solutions help make the digital workplace a positive experience for employees. “We are very pleased about this award and the overall result attained in the Research in Action survey. Especially because the results of the survey are primarily based on customer feedback. We regularly work on new innovations with our customers and partners to provide intelligent, but most importantly simple solutions in an increasingly complex IT world. We clearly place our focus on eliminating IT silos. And we do so by implementing end-to-end, secure management of digital workplaces including process, cost, and security optimizations,” explains Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42. “The results of the survey and the improvement in our ranking are a pleasant confirmation that the strategic orientation towards a holistic IT and enterprise service management is exactly right.” Matrix42 ranked third in last year’s survey.

Research in Action surveyed the IT budget, process, and operational managers of German companies for the ITSM/ESM Vendor Selection Matrix™. They rated Matrix42 as “very positive.” The management of the digital workplace as an on-premises, SaaS, or hybrid solution, which supports IT organizations in developing from cost center to profit center, was given particular praise. The balance between productivity and security plays an equally important a role as the value stream from IT to business does.

Matrix42 also received top scores for implementation, with a particular emphasis on customer satisfaction and value for money. The analysts considered the simple adaptability of the platform via the configuration of the low-code SolutionBuilder to be a significant competitive advantage. This allowed customers to not only adapt existing processes but also design apps without having to write a single line of code. The recommendation index was the new feature in the survey this year. Matrix42 achieved the best value of all providers, with a rating of 98 percent. “Matrix42 is the market leader in the management of the digital workplace from major German SMEs,” sums up Dr. Thomas Mendel, Managing Director of Research in Action GmbH.

General evaluation of Matrix42

In addition to the areas of strategy and implementation, a general evaluation of Matrix42 also took place. The market researchers found that, at a rate of 23 percent, the company is growing significantly faster than the competition. Matrix42 is also continually investing profits in innovations. These include the Field Service Management, the Virtual Support Agent (Marvin), and the expansion of the integrated IT Business Management processes with the new Cloud Expense Management to optimize the cloud costs of Azure and AWS, for example. The products are based on an intuitive low-code platform and a workflow studio, which means that customers can make customizations to the system at any time, while being safe in case of updates. This allows independent modeling of any IT and beyond-IT processes using Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management (ESM) without any development costs.

Planned introduction of an ESM by 2022

The majority of the survey respondents stated that they wanted to invest in enterprise service management solutions by the end of 2022. Of the IT specialists, 26.3 percent decide on these investments together with management, and a further 22.1 percent advise the management in their decision-making.

In order to compile the Vendor Selection Matrix™, Research in Action GmbH surveyed a total of 750 IT budget managers from major German SMEs (“major” being defined as having an annual turnover of at least €50 million).