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Matrix42 "strong performer" in the UEM area

Forrester has rated Matrix42 as a powerful solution provider for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). As part of Forrester Wave™ Unified Endpoint Management Q4 2019, Forrester identified, researched, analyzed and rated the top 13 vendors. According to Forrester, Matrix42 complements its robust management capabilities with Endpoint Security. UEM is part of Matrix42's larger Workspace Management Suite.

"The mobile technologies used by European companies have matured enormously in recent years. While risk mitigation and cost control have been the main drivers, the focus today is increasingly on productivity and the employee experience. Nevertheless, IT security remains a top priority for IT managers. Especially User and Environmental Behavior Analysis (UEBA) in connection with data security will play a central role in 2020. Given this, knowledge of the context and scenario is essential for success - and UEM can meet these requirements," said Fabian Henzler, VP Product Strategy at Matrix42.

Matrix42 points out that while companies need to implement intelligent devices, apps and more, they cannot ignore the security and compliance issues they face. According to Matrix42, moving to a UEM solution that manages both mobile and traditional clients is an important step for most companies in Europe in terms of performance and security.  The use of the cloud, service management and a fully automated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) are becoming increasingly important for large and medium-sized companies.

The Forrester Wave ™ rates Matrix42 in the UEM environment

According to Forrester Wave™, the company aggressively expanded the scope of its offering last year, and now, with the acquisition of EgoSecure and out-of-the-box integration with Ensilo, it offers "threat prevention, detection and response capabilities.

Matrix42's focus on Employee Experience is illustrated in the Forrester report by the compelling Enterprise App Store experience. It includes strong license, asset and service management integrations. Matrix42's work environments offer employees the unique opportunity to easily order key resources such as devices, monitors, keyboards and other tools themselves. The company was also recognized for its compelling vision on User Experience Analysis. The company was also recognized for its compelling vision on User Experience Analysis and for its balanced approach to customer needs in terms of experience, management and security. In addition, Forrester noted that most of its customers are positive about Matrix42.

The Forrester Wave Methodology

Forrester Wave™ provides a guide for buyers weighing their options in the technology marketplace.

The current Forrester Wave™ includes 23 criteria in three overarching categories: current offering, strategy and market presence. Forrester has evaluated 13 vendors that meet the following requirements for revenue and general availability. Annual sales from the UEM product are at least USD 15 million. The product was generally available on October 1, 2019. Vendors were also required to provide customer references. Forrester conducted a 30-minute phone call with each reference provided.