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Matrix42 Launches Global Remote Work Study Which Emphasizes the Importance of Work-Life Balance

The Digital Workspace Leader Analyzes the Future of Remote Work    

Huntington Beach, CA – October 14 – Today, Global Digital Workspace Provider, Matrix42 announced the launch of their market research study surrounding the various perceptions of Remote work. In cooperation with the market research institute YouGov, Matrix42 surveyed around 4,000 executives, IT professionals, and non-executive employees in North America and Central Europe. The study concluded that the future of work is hybrid - but there are still some obstacles to overcome. 

The report underscores the fact that about half of all study participants are in favor of a hybrid work model, however, it is unlikely that the business world will switch to a complete work-from-home environment.  

While the optimal conditions for remote work have not yet been created everywhere, as many as 67% of all respondents are hesitant of a fully remote work model due to the fear of  blurring their work and private life. IT professionals also view remote work with a critical eye: for example, more than half of the IT professionals surveyed expect to be given more responsibilities than what their job description states . 

All in all, there is strong support for hybrid working models. According to the new Matrix42 study, there is also a lot to be said for hybrid solutions from a company perspective: 

  • Two-thirds of IT professionals report an improvement in work-life balance. In the overall evaluation 47% of all respondents agree with that finding. 
  • Overall, 18%  are willing to accept a more distant workplace if home office options are available.  
  • 55%  say they can better balance family and work if they can work remotely and have the appropriate equipment available. 

"Hybrid working not only has a big impact on employees, but also on IT departments. Successful hybrid working, IT departments, and workspace modernization is simply critical today," said Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42. "In addition, Gartner points out the specifics of IT support in hybrid and remote environments in this context."  

About the study 

Matrix42, in collaboration with the market and opinion research institute YouGov, surveyed around 4,000 managers, IT professionals and employees without management responsibility in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States on the topic of remote work in May 2021.

Raad the full study report.